(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wang has practiced Falun Dafa for ten years, but was troubled by bloody secretions from her uterus. While a medical person might immediately diagnose cancer, Ms. Wang knew that a practitioner would not have such a problem. She thought she was "paying back karma." The situation lasted for five years. One day, Ms. Wang felt something pressing down, making her think it was cancer and that she was about to die. She was unable to suppress or rid herself of such thoughts. At this time, a fellow practitioner happened to visit. Ms. Wang told the practitioner about her situation. The other practitioner believed that the reason she felt this way were her thoughts of "paying back karma." As a practitioner during Fa-rectification, there should not be an issue of paying back karma. The other practitioner advised her to send righteous thoughts. Ms. Wang improved her understanding of the problem. After a period of sending righteous thoughts, the symptoms which had lasted for five years disappeared. It was only the difference of one thought!

Ms. Li has practiced for almost ten years. She was illegally detained for six months, and her righteous thoughts were weak when she was released. Her family was strongly opposed to her cultivating and there was always a voice telling her not to practice. She realized that it was evil beings that wanted to destroy her. Fellow practitioners helped her start to study the Fa again and send righteous thoughts more. She worked diligently to make progress. Then she started to have tooth pain. Being a doctor, she noticed enlarged lymph nodes in the area of her chin and neck. She right away thought of her father. When he went to the hospital for treatment of tooth pain he was found to have enlarged lymph nodes. The doctor advised a thorough examination, but her father didn't follow up. One year later, he was diagnosed with advanced lymph node cancer. Her father passed away a few months later. Ms. Li had been blaming herself for this. Today, she wondered if she now had cancer. Then she thought, "I am a practitioner. Master said that a practitioner will not be sick." At that moment, she regretted wasting two years due to the evil persecution. She knew she had attained such a Great Law, but she felt that her actions did not validate Dafa well. And this might damage Dafa 's reputation! If this unfavorable situation were to exist, then how could she go out and tell people about how great Falun Dafa is? It was the evil Party's persecution that had forced her to give up Dafa and develop a fatal disease that would cause her death. She fell asleep thinking about this. She woke up to find that the lymph node was no longer enlarged and the tooth pain had disappeared.

Mr. Sheng's mother is a practitioner. One day, she found a soybean-size lump with deep roots in her groin. It was a little painful and itchy. She rubbed it again and again, thinking it would be good if she could get rid of it. But how could she get rid of it? That night during her sleep, she dreamed that she pulled it out. It looked like a small tree with a lot of roots. When she awoke she saw that the lump was gone. She wondered what would have happened if she had thought about it with human notions.

Ms. Li had a festering wound in her foot. One night, when she could not bear the pain anymore, she soaked her foot in vinegar water. Practitioner Ms. Sun visited and asked her what she was doing. Ms. Li said, "I have an big, infected wound in my foot." Ms. Sun just smiled and did not say anything. Ms. Li asked, "Is this wrong? Is it wrong for a practitioner to do this?" Ms. Sun said, "Good. If it is wrong, don't do it." Ms. Li got up and dumped the water out. The next morning, she could find no trace of the wound or infection. Her foot was normal.