(Clearwisdom.net) I always hear the words that Master asked a fellow practitioner to pass on to all practitioners in the Yanji area: "Go back and tell everybody to study the Fa well." Over 13 years have passed since the message was conveyed, yet the words can always elicit extraordinary feelings for veteran practitioners.

When Master lectured in Yanji, the tenth session was for questions and answers. Some practitioners asked Master on a piece of paper if we could translate the revised version of the book Falun Gong into Korean. (Zhuan Falun had not yet been published) Master said words to the effect of: "Anybody can translate, but after all, you'll have to submit it to Beijing Falun Dafa Research Society for verification." Three days after Master's lectures in Yanjin, five practitioners of Yanji voluntarily teamed up to start translating the revised version of Falun Gong. The first draft in Korean was completed in a month.

A practitioner handed the translation directly into Master's hands. Master happily took it and asked some details about the translation. Then Master said: "On behalf of the future Korean people, I would like to extend thanks to them (the translators)." Master turned back and told the practitioner while walking down the stairs: "Go back and tell everyone to study the Fa well." When they were walking down the second set of stairs, Master turned back again and told the practitioner: "Go back and tell everyone to study the Fa well." When they walked down to the corner of the stairs, Master once again turned back and told that practitioner: "Go back and tell everyone to study the Fa well." Master repeated the sentence three times in less than a minute.

At that time, we didn't understand how profound that sentence is. Thirteen years later, from our personal experiences, we truly feel Master's precious intention when addressing the importance of studying the Fa each time in his lectures. The Fa creates everything in the cosmos, and the Fa also grants the sentient beings the sole opportunity that they can return to their pure righteous mind in the Dharma-ending period.

As one of the practitioners in the Yanbian area for minorities, we felt honored because we are the only practitioners from this area that had taken Master's lectures in person. We therefore should truly treasure the opportunity that occurs once in tens of thousands of years. Master said: "All nationalities that should enter the next, new historical era will obtain the Fa and improve as a whole. It is not just a matter of one nationality. Mankind's moral standard will also return to that of original human nature."

("A Brief Explanation of Shan" in Essentials for Further Advancement)