(Clearwisdom.net) "If you recite 'Falun Dafa is Good,' happiness will come to your door." I have seen this in action through the changes in my older sister's household.

It had been a long time since I visited my older sister's home. A few days ago I went to her house because I had some errands to run. When I first stepped into her house, what I saw amazed me. The chaotic environment of her home was gone. The yard and her house was clean and organized. Both my sister and her husband looked so happy. After seeing my expression, my 74-year-old sister and her 80-year-old husband told me their story.

A few years ago, my sister had many illnesses, the most serious of which was her heart disease. She wasn't able to do any everyday chores and suffered from insomnia. Her husband was also getting old and weak. His son suffered a mental disorder and became mentally handicapped, and his daughter-in-law left him. As a result, the granddaughter didn't have anyone to look after her. They had to find a foster home for her. At that time my sister was so ill that she didn't want to live anymore, and she was just waiting for death.

I knew of her situation, so I went to visit her. I told her: Sincerely think aloud that Falun Dafa is good, that "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" is good, and everything will be okay. Its effectiveness depends on one's sincerity.

My sister listened to what I said and agreed to do it. She remembered Dafa in her heart. At first she was able to sleep better, and as time went by the symptoms of her illnesses eased. Finally, her heart disease went away. Her husband, who saw the changes, happily said that Falun Dafa was very good, and that he was delighted that the transformation happened so quickly. They were believers of different religions before, but none of them helped. What was more miraculous was that her son's mental disorder got better, and her daughter-in-law returned home after many years. The granddaughter does not need to be sent to a foster home anymore. Both her son and daughter-in-law are now working. They cleaned up the house and replaced old items in the household. A huge change took place here, and the good fortune was all given by Dafa.

Now everyone in my sister's household is very happy. She frequently talks to other people about the transformation of her home. Now she passes Dafa's message to other close friends and relatives, as well as villagers close to her. My sister even wrote her story for the Clearwisdom website. She tells me that she will practice Falun Gong soon.