(Clearwisdom.net) I discovered that when dealing with certain problems, many of our fellow practitioners--including myself--are all used to utilizing the methods of everyday people to solve them. When we meet with difficult issues, we always rack our brains thinking about how to solve them, and we find solutions using the methods of everyday people. When we instead have righteous thoughts, however difficult a problem is, it will be solved.

Case 1. Recovering My Chat Room ID

I frequently clarify the truth about Falun Gong in our local Internet chat rooms. As a result I have incurred the resentment of the chat room supervisor. He often uses all kinds of reasons to take down my postings, and has even threatened to suspend and lock my chat room ID if I continue to post Falun Gong truth-clarifying information.

Last year a posting that defamed Falun Gong appeared in the chat room. I immediately replied and clarified the truth. The next morning I discovered that I had been banned from entering the chat room, banned from making posts, and all my previous posts had been removed. After this incident, I started to use everyday people's methods to handle it. I sent emails to the chat room supervisor but the results were not good. My chat room ID was not recovered. After a discussion with fellow practitioners I realized that I should not just use everyday people's methods to handle this issue. My fellow practitioners and I agreed to send forth righteous thoughts every day at agreed times towards the chat rooms. When we sent forth righteous thoughts, we added the thought for the chat room supervisor to reactivate my ID.

Previously there was one other time when my posts were removed for no reason. I sent a short message to the supervisor of the chat room and requested help, but he ignored me. This time I sent forth righteous thoughts. He immediately recovered my ID and was very polite. It was really unexpected.

Case 2. Getting the Door to Open

Another practitioner and I went to the student hostel to distribute Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials. Each time we had problems getting someone to open the door. In the past, we always pressed the doorbells until someone came to open the door. Sometimes we had to press the doorbells of a dozen or even up to twenty households before someone finally opened the door. When the door opened, we said that we had come to deliver mail. Sometimes the resident would run down from upstairs thinking that his mail had come. We rationalized to ourselves saying that we resorted to this method in order to offer salvation to others.

Another practitioner reminded us that we could send forth righteous thoughts and request Master to give us strength. When we went to distribute truth-clarifying materials again, we adopted her suggestion and discovered that it was more effective than pressing doorbells. Usually when we reach the door, someone will come and open it for us, and sometimes it only takes a few minutes for someone to come.

One time we stood at the door for three to four minutes and no one came. We were a bit worried and were trying to decide what to do. Suddenly a female student walked briskly towards us from some distance away. There were several doors, but she came towards the door that we wanted to go in and opened it for us.

Another time we could see from a distance some people chatting near a doorway. When we got to their doorstep, they finished chatting and immediately helped us open the door. They then asked us if we needed additional help.

Case 3. The Gas Tank Indicator that Rose on its Own

Two fellow practitioners went to participate in an experience sharing conference. On the way home their gas tank was almost empty and they were suddenly caught in a traffic jam. Both were wondering what to do when the practitioner who was driving suddenly had an idea. He told the other practitioner that they could send forth righteous thoughts to ask Master for help. One practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts while the other continued to drive. He suddenly noticed that the gas tank indicator had risen on its own by at least one mark and then stopped.

The jam eventually cleared and when they reached the gas station there was still five ml of gas remaining.

The purpose of writing about all these incidents is to remind practitioners that in emergency situations we can use the method of sending forth righteous thoughts to ask Master for help.

Of course we should not use this method to deal with all problems and should only do so for special problems. Essentially, when we meet with tension and problems we should remember that we are Falun Dafa practitioners and we should naturally reflect on our actions and see what we have done wrong. We should be aware of what is needed for the big picture of Fa rectification and be conscious of what Dafa requires of practitioners. If we can immediately think of these things, this is already using the mentality of a supernormal being to deal with matters. This is the fundamental way to solve all tense circumstances and problems. If we can consciously do this each time and get into the habit of doing this, it will be the starting point for breaking away from the arrangements of the old forces, reducing losses, and fighting for more sentient beings to be saved.

If there is anything inappropriate, please point it out.