(Clearwisdom.net) When a car accident happens, many people will worry about the people involved in the accident. When mine workers are trapped underground after a mine accident, many people will do whatever they can to help the rescue effort. When someone suffers from sickness or when a senior person suffers loneliness, many people will offer financial support. But if I tell you a kind-hearted person was jailed and tortured because of trying to be a good person, what will you think?

In today's China, corrupt government officials make their way to the top of the power ladder and do whatever they want without any fear of law and order. The society is flooded by drugs, gambling, and pornography. However, a kind-hearted law-abiding person is unlawfully detained because she wants to be a good person and stay healthy. Let me tell you about this unbelievable injustice.

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Fengyun, 52 years old, lives in Dehui City, Jilin Province. Before she started to practice Falun Gong, she was diagnosed with adrenocortical hypofunction, a disease that couldn't be cured and required her to take medicine for her whole life. When it got serious, she vomited blood. Since she started to practice Falun Gong in 1996, the disease disappeared without any treatment and she soon became healthy again.

In 1999, Jiang's regime started the brutal persecution of Falun Gong out of jealousy. Ms. Liu's family underwent a lot of persecution. Ms. Liu's husband, Bai Ruisong was unlawfully taken to forced labor camps three times. Local policemen and guards at the Jiutai Forced Labor Camp used all kinds of torture methods on him. The torture and tribulation Mr. Bai went through is beyond words. Their 13-year-old daughter, Bai He, had also been followed, monitored, threatened, and even detained.

Ms. Liu and daughter Bai He were forced to leave their home to prevent the police from following and harassing them. They temporarily lived in Yongqing New Village for a while. On July 9, 2006, Zhang Qingchun from the National Security Team of Dehui City and policemen from the 610 Office arrested Ms. Liu and her daughter Bai He and searched their place. Ms. Liu was then taken to Dehui Detention Center while little Bai He was taken to a reform school.

Policemen tortured Ms. Liu and forbade her family and relatives from visiting her. The inhumane treatment in the detention center, including torture, malnutrition, and deprivation of practicing Falun Gong, caused the adrenocortical hypofunction to recur and get worse and worse. In October, the police, prosecution and jurisdictional departments of Dehui City worked together and put Ms. Liu on trial without notifying her family.

Ms. Liu's husband, Mr. Bai Ruisong, was released from the forced labor camp and returned home in July 2006. Local policemen went to his home to harass and threaten him many times.