(Clearwisdom.net) Since the exposure of secret concentration camps, I have been thinking about how to rescue practitioners there. They may be tortured or killed at any time. I think that everyday ways, such as family members making pleas that they be released, have limitations. It seems that using those methods, we cannot get all of the practitioners released given the really large number being detained. Also, many times family members do not even know where the practitioners are being detained. So that approach is not practical, but on the other hand, the practitioners could be killed at any time.

Some practitioners do not pay much attention to this and have even become numb. They think that being detained is the cultivation journey of those practitioners and being detained is a way to repay karma, etc. However, Teacher never acknowledges this persecution. If some practitioners consider persecution as a fate or something inevitable during cultivation, they are acknowledging the old forces. Teacher never arranges a practitioner’s journey in a way that includes being killed. Even if a practitioner owes someone a life, it can be harmoniously resolved.

Then, how do we help these large numbers of practitioners have righteous thoughts and get out of the evil dens? No everyday method is likely to work. The only way is to have faith in Teacher and the Fa and have righteous thoughts. Then, why do these practitioners have tribulations? I have some understandings from Teacher’s lectures, and here I would like to share these with fellow practitioners.

In "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco in 2005", Teacher said,

"Some students had agreements with the old forces dating back to prehistoric times, and in that case what can be done if he has to depart at a certain time? Some students never eliminated their fundamental attachments, and that is an issue of whether or not they are truly Dafa disciples at a fundamental level."

I did not pay attention to these sentences at all in the past, thinking they had nothing to do with me, until recently, when some children practitioners wrote articles about the old forces signing contracts with them. I came to understand that it is very important to not only oppose the old force arrangements, but also to oppose and void all agreements with the old forces. Only when they are willing to oppose those contracts with the old forces could Teacher help Dafa disciples. Then, based on the Fa, I enlightened that it could be possible that practitioners detained in the concentration camps owed some debts that have not been harmoniously resolved, and it could be possible that insufficient Fa study resulted in their following the old force arrangements. We do not know the exact situation of each practitioner, but I think the factors I just mentioned may exist. Since Teacher has removed all Dafa disciples’ names from the list in hell, no matter how many or how big the debts they owed in the past, being persecuted to death is not an inevitable consequence during a Dafa disciple’s Fa-rectification journey.

However, those practitioners who are detained are in an undesirable cultivation state. Some even never have access to Teacher’s new articles. Some may have read new articles, but cannot recall them. So, how can these practitioners detained in concentration camps know the Fa, which is most important to them? In Zhuan Falun, Teacher said,

"One time I had my mind connected with four or five Great Enlightened Beings, Great Daos, whose levels were extremely high."

My understanding is that after these years of cultivation, we have many supernormal abilities. So, we can link our thoughts to Dafa practitioners detained in forced labor camps, telling them to have righteous thoughts and righteous actions, to have faith in Teacher and the Fa. We need to tell them to get rid of their fundamental attachments and resolve debts owed in previous lives. We can also tell them to help void the old force arrangements and void all agreements with the old forces. Some practitioners may think this is impractical. But we are Dafa practitioners and we have parts that have been cultivated well, so all these are possible.

Once, during a dream, I saw part of Teacher’s lecture. I had not paid much attention to that part of the lecture previously, but it was still displayed in the dream, which indicates its extraordinariness. If many practitioners use their supernormal abilities to link their minds with detained Dafa practitioners, telling them the causes of their being persecuted, things will be different. If we could all pay attention to this just like sending forth righteous thoughts, then with the help of Teacher, detained practitioners will see the Fa displayed before them. With supernormal abilities developed and manifested, they can get out of the concentration camps.

I think we can give it a try in order to help these practitioners with our righteous thoughts and supernormal abilities. We should no longer consider their detainment as inevitable during their cultivation journey, or that they are repaying debts etc., since thinking that way will aggravate the practitioners’ tribulations. We should not count on everyday people, either, since no everyday people’s way could help much on this. Only by having faith in Teacher and the Fa, with righteous thoughts, can our supernormal abilities manifest.

Above are my limited understandings. Please kindly point out anything improper.