(Clearwisdom.net) During the seven years that Falun Dafa has been persecuted by Jiang and the CCP, countless Falun Dafa practitioners have encountered an unprecedented and inhumane persecution in China. My personal experiences bear witness to this persecution. Because I refused to give up practicing Falun Dafa and appealed for justice for Falun Dafa and my Teacher in Beijing many times, my home has been repeatedly ransacked by local police officers, and my resident ID card was confiscated. I have encountered barbaric slander, beatings and extortion by local and Beijing policemen. I want to tell everyone the facts of this unimaginable persecution I experienced and witnessed in the Heilongjiang Province Women’s Prison.

1. Sentenced to Four Years Without Cause

On April 8, 2002, a fellow practitioner and I were clarifying the truth in Taiyang Market. Luan Shengdong and Cui Zhenghai, who did not understand the truth, reported us to the Kiamusze police station. Later, officer Jiang Shilin led a team of 54 armed policemen to arrest us and take us to the police station. They confiscated all of our belongings. Police Chief Li and Yi led Jiang Shilin and others to ransack my home and confiscate Teacher’s picture, Falun Dafa books, all of our Dafa materials, VCD players, and a recorder. They took my husband and niece to the police station, interrogated them and tried to extort confessions, asking them whether they knew any Falun Dafa practitioners. My family members refused to cooperate during their questioning and were harassed until late at night. To avoid further persecution, my niece had to stay away from home.

For several years, policemen from Yongan Police Station often broke through my door. My husband, child, and our elderly parents live in constant fear, suffering both physically and mentally. Their normal lives, study, and work are seriously affected. Our elderly parents could not bear such shock. Because they feared I might be killed, they were anxious, seemed constantly angry, and cried all the time. My mother, unable to bear the endless pressure, became very sick and died on September 26, 2004. My father’s cerebral thrombus worsened; he is now muddle-headed and does not recognize other people.

On May 17, policeman Cui Delong arrested me on orders from the city public security bureau. I was prosecuted without just cause on May 28, and acting inspector Wang Xiaoyi from Qianjin District forged evidence. The people who participated in the trial were: presiding judge Yu Guoqing, judge Wang Bin, acting judge Zhang Xiaobo and clerk Zhou Gang. On June 19, 2002, I was sentenced to a four-year prison term. I appealed twice. The Kiamusze Intermediate People’s Court in Heilongjiang Province overruled my appeal, giving no reason, and upheld the original sentence. The people who participated in the trial were: presiding judge Li Shaowei, acting judge Zhou Chen, Jia Wenhua and clerk Zhou Jinxing.

On January 17, 2003, Kiamusze Detention Center sent me to the Harbin Women’s Prison.

2. Deafness in My Left Ear from Beating by "Group Training Team" Chief Wu Yanjie

In Harbin Women’s Prison, officers Lu Jingping and Wang Xiaoli of the "Group Training Team" ordered criminal prisoners to monitor Falun Dafa practitioners and keep us from talking, writing, or making phone calls. Practitioners who refused to acknowledge being prisoners or recite prison rules were not allowed to meet with their families and their paper and pens were confiscated. Police Chief Wang Xiaoli punished us by forcing us to stand from 5:00 a.m. to midnight. I was punished in this way on two separate occasions for a total of 13 days.

Falun Dafa practitioner Xu Jiayu was locked up in a small cell for 11 days by police officer Lu Jingping for sitting on the floor cross-legged. Many practitioners suffered different levels of persecution from Lu Jingping, Wang Xiaoli and Tao Dandan.

On April 8, 2003, chief Wu Yanjie, along with Tao Shuping, Li Xiaoyu and others, ordered criminal prisoners to supervise Falun Dafa practitioners, and not allow us to buy things in the prison store, talk to each other, see visitors, make phone calls or write letters. They held back letters from our families and we were not allowed to study the Fa or practice the exercises. If someone’s clothes did not display the word "criminal," it would be burned into the clothing. Many practitioners’ clothes were burned in this way.

On the afternoon of November 26, 2003, chiefs Wu Yanjie and Tao Shuping ordered policemen Wang Liang, Yang Zifeng and four others from the Riot Control Group, as well as over 200 prisoners from the fourth squadron, division No. 5, to beat over 50 Falun Dafa practitioners. They forcibly dragged us from the eighth floor to the male division to be persecuted. At the end of November, Heilongjiang is quite cold; they threw us outside to freeze for 7 days. Also at that time, police officers Wang Liang and Yang Zifeng struck me in the head and slap me in the face. Wang Liang beat me to the floor even after I had fainted. I was dragged dozens of meters and I became deaf in my left ear because of Wu Yanjie. Criminal prisoner Wang Daiqun whipped my eyes with gloves; prisoners Wang Yubo and Liu Wenge hit the back of my hands with strips of bamboo until my hands were badly swollen. Li Yumei and Wang Yubo pulled off my cotton quilted jacket and left me wearing only a sweatshirt. We were not allow to wear gloves, scarves, or anything else to combat the cold. We were forced to stand outdoors from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. When we returned inside to the corridor, they still did not let us stand or sit, but forced us to stamp our feet until midnight or even 2:00 a.m. They did not let us wash ourselves, use the toilet, drink anything, or have a meal. Prisoner Yu Yanyun secretly gave me some fish to eat, but was beaten after chief Tao Shuping found out. Tao called Yu Yanyun into the office, slapped her face over 10 times, beat her with a metal clothes hanger and deducted points from her. Some prisoners could not bear to watch and secretly shed tears.

3. Handcuffed and Hung Up, Tortured with Electric Batons and Eye Gouging

In April 2004, we Falun Dafa practitioners protested the persecution together by refusing to wear name tags or prison uniforms. Chief Tao Shuping ordered prisoner Xin Shumei to handcuff me and hang me up for 18 hours. Police officer Wang Shanshan then incited criminal Wang Daiqun to hang me up for half the night. Prisoners Wang Rong and Liu Jiafeng twisted my shoulder, tied me up with rope and hung me from the bed ladder for over three hours. Prisoners Lu Shuwen and Liu Wenge wrote the word "criminal" on my body and insulted me.

When some Falun Dafa practitioners were freezing outside, Gu Yarong, Li Ping, Liu Guihua, Ren Xiuying, Xiao Ailing, Du Guijie, Cheng Peiying and Ma Aiqiao were locked into ice-cold small cells and were handcuffed to a loop on the floor. They were not even allowed to wear underwear. Some were forced to stand in cold water in washbasins.

In September 2003, under the command of policemen Wu Yanjie, Tao Shuping and Cheng Xiuyan, Falun Dafa practitioner Li Ping was brutally tortured by prisoners Li Mei, Wang Daiqun, Shan Guixiang, Liu Wenge and Lu Shuwen. On November 27, 2003, she was tortured by male police officers with electric batons. She was covered in wounds, including on her mouth, and her nose bled.

On March 8, 2004, prisoner Lu Shuwen hung practitioner Li Ping from the bed ladder for 28 days and then forced her to stand day and night. Warden Liu Zhiqiang personally gave an order not to allow Li Ping to sleep. After encountering such brutal torture, Li Ping was again beaten by prisoner Wang Daiqun. Wang also dug into Li Ping’s eyes with two fingers.

Falun Dafa practitioner Gu Yarong was also handcuffed and hung up for 18 days. During this period, she was beaten by criminal Luan Shumei and Wang Daiqun and even fainted from a beating by Wang Daiqun. Falun Dafa practitioners Liu Guihua, Xiao Ailing, Du Guijie, Ren Xiuying and Cheng Peiying also suffered this kind of persecution.

4. Head Smashing Results in a Long Gash

On the morning of November 27, 2003, police officers again dragged us outside into the cold. All practitioners together recited Lunyu, and loudly shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" Several dozen police officers from the male and female divisions, a prison politics officer, a warden, and police heads came out. In the beginning, they appeared to be restrained. After quite a while, they realized what was happening, and whacked practitioner Ma Aiqiao’s head with a stool, causing a long gash and blood to gush out. Ma Aiqiao received seven stitches to close the head wound, costing her over 200 yuan. They then sent her into a small cell on that day. She fell unconscious several times due to excessive blood loss.

Falun Dafa practitioner Yan Shufen rolled onto the floor due to torture from electric batons by male police officers. She was sent to a windy area to be frozen at night, and was later beaten by police officers Wang Liang, Yang Zifeng and others. Afterwards, she could not walk and had to be carried back by prisoners.

Falun Dafa practitioner Zhao Yalun, over 60 years old, did not escape the merciless beatings. She suffered beatings from prisoners Wang Daiqun and Sun Yajie, and she was handcuffed and hung up. They even dug a hole in the snow and threw her quilted jacket and pants into the hole to freeze them.

Falun Dafa practitioner Li Bingqing was beaten many times by criminals Wang Daiqun, Li Mei, Liu Wenge, Liu Yumei and others. As a result, her broken ribs were caved in, creating a hole, and she could not straighten up from her waist because of the pain. She could not walk. Police officer Liu Hong slapped Li Bingqing’s face countless times. The prison doctor lied when reporting that Li Bingqing’s ribs were fine, when her ribs were in fact severely injured.

Criminal Wang Daiqun scrubbed practitioner Li Qingzhen’s mouth with a toilet brush, until her face was distorted from the swelling.

Falun Dafa practitioner Dong Yazhen’s legs were stomped on by prisoners and she could not walk. Even so, she was still dragged out to freeze. Prisoner Li Mei sealed Dong Yazhen’s mouth with stickers when beating her to prevent her from shouting. Dong Yazhen is still impaired as a result of the torture. In April 2004, Dong Yazhen was persecuted in a small cell for more than 40 days. In December 2004, in order to protest the persecution, she refused to wear the prison uniform. She was cuffed and hung up on the bed ladder by prisoners Lu Shuwen, Wang Daiqun, and others for 18 hours. During those days, she was not allowed to eat or use the toilet. Prison guard Sun Lisong ordered prisoners to tie up Dong Yazhen, forced her to sit on the snowy ground and stomped on both of her legs repeatedly.

Sun Lisong also ordered prisoners Li Mei, Wang Daiqun, and others to throw away practitioner Lu Yingchun’s quilted jacket and leave her to freeze outdoors for many hours.

5. Doctor Says Practitioner Won't Live More Than Three Days

Falun Dafa practitioner Xu Xianping’s legs turned black and her little finger was fractured from kicking by prison guards, including Wang Liang and Yang Zifeng. Xu Xianping was beaten and left to freeze by guards and her physical condition was poor. Her hemoglobin count was very low. A Harbin doctor said she could not live longer than three days, but based on faith in Teacher and Dafa, and under merciful Teacher's protection, she broke through the life-and-death test.

Falun Dafa practitioner Xu Shufen was kicked into a snow pile by prison guard Yang Zifeng and criminals Liu Wenge, Li Mei and Liu Yumei. They also pulled off her quilted cotton jacket, leaving her with only unpadded cotton clothing in the cold. Chiefs Wu Yanjie and Tao Shuping even locked Xu Shufen in a small underground room, taking turns beating her. Wu Yanjie shocked her neck and shoulder with an electric baton, and the two also hit her arms and hands with hard rings until her hands were badly swollen. The two were sweating from the beatings. In early 2004, Xu Shufen refused to attend roll call or wear a name tag to protest the persecution, and as a result, she was forced to sit for three days on a concrete floor in the corridor by the guards on duty. In December 2004, she was handcuffed and hung to a bed ladder for 18 hours by prisoners Lu Shuwen, Wang Daiqun, and others, and was not given food nor allowed to use the toilet.

Falun Dafa practitioner Zhu Wenfang was detained in a small cell for over 20 days in October 2003, and handcuffed to a loop on the ground; she still has scars on her wrists. She was forcibly left to freeze for seven days outdoors.

Falun Dafa practitioners Zhang Shuqin, Huang Liping, Liu Chunxia, and Jiang Fengrong suffered persecution many times. Practitioners Zhu Huijun, Li Xuelian, Cheng Fengying, Zhang Yan, Zheng Liping, Shi Yuxia, Wang Yan, Shi Li, Liu Lihua, Xu Wenying, Zhao Yazhen, Fu Shaocui, Chu Li, Ding Yu, Wang Shuzhi, Yang Xiuhua, and Hu Guiyan (who was a criminal before she learned Falun Dafa) also suffered different levels of persecution.

The wicked conduct of prison guards and their goons are too numerous to mention. There are no words to describe some of the evil. While practitioners were left to freeze outdoors, Chief Tao Shuping also cut our hair in strange hairstyles to humilate us.

Since the CCP began to persecute Falun Gong in 1999, the notorious Harbin Women’s Prison has acted as the vanguard, using all sorts of evil since detaining the first Falun Dafa practitioners. In the "Group Training Team," they conduct professional training for criminals and turn them into people whose specialty it is to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. These prisoners are used to "transform" practitioners. They do not need to work, earn higher points than normal criminals, and are even chosen to be "active" in prison, given awards or reduced prison terms.

Since 2004, Falun Gong practitioners have not been allocated to each team, but are directly sent to the "Group Training Team" for forcible "transformation" and persecution.

6. Karmic Retribution for Evil

These prisoners ignorantly conduct the most harmful behavior under the control of the CCP and its followers. As a result, many have received karmic retribution. Sun Yajie, who took Teacher’s articles from practitioners and beat practitioners many times, is now suffering from severe diseases. Convicted murderer Wu Min often cursed Falun Dafa practitioners, and developed a crooked mouth a few days before being released. Prostitute Luan Shumei often confiscated practitioners’ money and property, and beat and cursed practitioners many times. Six months after her release, she was back in jail. Murderer Xing Shumei cooperated with guards to secretly search practitioners’ possessions, and as a result lost sight in one eye and wasted over 5000 yuan on ineffective surgery. Prisoner Li Yingjie often cooperated with police to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, took practitioners' Dafa literature, and smashed Li Xuelian’s head against a wall. Li Yingjie now suffers from extremely painful massive hemorrhaging in her uterus. Prisoner Zhang Sixia supervised Falun Dafa practitioners, often took money from their bankcards, ate practitioners’ food and water, ordered others to take Teacher’s articles from practitioners, and even offered ideas to police on persecuting practitioners. Although she gained many award points, her term was not reduced at all.

Prisoner Li Li (she has been released from jail), who participated in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners, regretted her actions and made a fresh start after practitioners clarified the truth to her. Now she strictly adheres to the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. She said she would not have done so many bad things if she had learned Dafa earlier. She gave up many vices, treats Falun Dafa practitioners kindly and has begun to learn Dafa. The supervisors talked to her and threatened to not reduce her term if she continued practicing Falun Gong. After Li Li came back, she wrote her experience about learning Dafa and starting with a clean slate and handed it to the secretary in charge. As a result, her term was reduced the most. We are all happy for her, because she has chosen the most wonderful and bright road towards eternal life.

What I know is only a tip of the iceberg in the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners by the CCP. The facts are clear. Under the drive of the CCP’s policy, evil police and people in forced labor camps, detention centers, prisons, and other places are losing their human nature more and more. In March 2006, witnesses exposed the organ harvesting for profit from living Falun Gong practitioners who are detained in prisons, forced labor camps, detention centers and hospitals. We are even more worried for those kind practitioners who still suffer persecution.

Since the establishment of the CCP, their political movements have been about creating lies, terror, and cheating. Chinese people have been fooled and used, and dragged into it time and again. The CCP's rule cannot last; it hypocritically redresses an incident and after several years when the next political movement comes, they repeat the last tragedy. In this process, the CCP has continuously accumulated its experience, and the Chinese people have become more numb and compliant. However, this time, the CCP’s persecution of Falun Dafa and practitioners is so wide-ranging and brutal, directly targeting Chinese people’s spiritual belief. Therefore, its evil persecution certainly makes both humans and divine beings angry, and heaven and earth are outraged. There is no escape for the CCP. Those who have joined the CCP and its affiliates and who have not quit will be washed out along with the CCP. We hope that those involved in the persecution will see the danger facing them and stop their crimes immediately.