(Clearwisdom.net) Early this year, the homes of several practitioners in our city were ransacked by the police. Computers and other items were confiscated, and one practitioner was detained in a detention center (she is now in Hefei Women’s Forced Labor Camp). Practitioners in the entire city acted together and collectively sent forth righteous thoughts at 7, 8, 9 and 10:00 p.m. every night. Small stickers to expose the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners by the city 610 Office were also posted everywhere in a single night.

At the end of March, the police rampantly seized Falun Dafa practitioners and sent them to brainwashing centers. On my way to deliver Teacher’s new articles to fellow practitioners, several policemen pushed me into a police car and took me to the police station. I immediately calmed down, realized what was happening, and understood what I should do. I was not startled and took the opportunity to clarify the truth to the policewoman who body-searched me. I also clarified the truth to the guards, and to residents who went there to get an ID card. I told them that the persecution of Falun Gong has no legal basis, it violates the constitution, is a criminal act and is completely unjust. I told them about the huge changes I experienced physically and spiritually after practicing Dafa, that I have not gone to a hospital in ten years, and no longer need to take medicine. I also told them I no longer hate my former enemy who bullied me badly. I said that these positive changes are all because of Falun Dafa: Dafa made me healthy, Dafa teaches me to be tolerant, to have no enemies, Dafa teaches me to think of others first. The female police officer nodded and the guard repeatedly said, "I can see that you practitioners have a high moral quality." She then let me sit down. At that time, another police officer held a paper and pen and prepared to interrogate me. But, I firmly refused, did not cooperate with the illegal interrogation, and did not answer questions or sign anything.

After awhile, it got dark. The police took me to a place far away. After I got out of the car, I saw that the area was full of police officers. I asked, "What place is this, why have you abducted me here at midnight? There are corrupt officials everywhere and you do not go catch them, but instead you arrest good people!" Two police officers twisted my arms and forced me into a room upstairs. There was a bed, a quilt and a table. Immediately, several middle-aged women surrounded me and hypocritically tried to persuade me to give up the practice. I then realized that this was a brainwashing center. Those people were deeply poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) propaganda and party culture. I kept Teacher’s words firmly in my mind: "Dafa disciples are now sentient beings’ only, sole hope for salvation." ("Righteous Thoughts") I was there to save them.

I began to tell them the facts about Dafa being spread to 80 counties and regions around the world, and the wonderfulness that Dafa brings to people. I told them that Falun Dafa practitioners are a group of good people who obey the law but who are being unlawfully persecuted. I told them how the "Tiananmen self-immolation incident" is full of loopholes, that the persecution is an injustice and that good is rewarded and evil receives retribution. I advised them not to do thoughtless things any more, and that genuine practitioners would never give up practicing. I then recounted the folk story of the red-eyed stone lion. I told them that Falun Dafa practitioners today are like that village woman, taking the risk of being fined, arrested and detained to tell the truth. Why? Because they want to save people. Yet, such a group of good people are put into jails and tortured. I asked them how they could go along with this persecution and be so cruel. I ask them, "Aren’t you afraid of being punished by Heaven for not being able to distinguish between good and evil?" This police officer then lowered his head and said nothing. By now, I heard a conversation from outside: "The "transformation" class here does not want her, I asked the sub-bureau, but nobody was there. What should we do? Where should we send her?" Another voice said, "Let me handle this. We’ll talk alone, all right?"

I knew this person was the head of the city 610 Office, so I agreed to talk to him. That night, Dafa continuously gave me wisdom. I first eliminated the evil elements behind the head of the 610 Office. I then told him about Dafa, why Jiang persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners, and that Jiang has been sued in many countries. I talked about how the spread of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party has caused the CCP to become extremely terrified, the truth of the tragic and inhuman organ harvesting from living Falun Dafa practitioners in concentration camps. While I spoke, I was full of kind thoughts: "Why don’t you save yourself? When the CCP collapses, what will you do? The CCP can give you a government position, give you money, but it can’t guarantee your life. What is more precious than life itself?" At first, he replied hysterically, "If the CCP really collapses, then shoot me!" I further explained the truth to him. "It does not matter what party it is; it persecutes Dafa, so it cannot escape the fate of being eliminated. Its disintegration is inevitable. Our chat today is also giving you the opportunity to escape being brought down along with the CCP. I hope you can be saved."

When the day broke the next day, the head of the 610 Office took the bag containing truth-clarification materials and copies of the Nine Commentaries that was found at my home, and took me to the city Public Security Bureau. I again clarified the truth to the police officers who interrogated me, and even talked to the driver. I said that they should not be confused in front of major issues of principle. They should not so readily believe the state-controlled media propaganda. I told them they should be clear-headed when listening to both sides of a story. I then gave examples of the police receiving karmic retribution for cruelly persecuting Dafa practitioners in our city.

The police officer repeatedly asked for the origin of the bag of materials, but I calmly told him: "Its origin is not important, what’s important is its content. If you take a good look at it, you’ll benefit in the future." Finally, the head of the 610 Office let me go. I then went from the police station to the brainwashing center, from the brainwashing center to another police station, and then to the Public Security Bureau. All the while, I explained the truth to whomever I met, for 20 hours straight. Continually strengthened by Teacher, I was not thirsty, hungry, cold, or afraid. I walked away from the Public Security Bureau in an open and dignified manner.

I went home and stayed there for over ten days. According to a fellow practitioner’s analysis, the head of the city 610 Office had attended a meeting at the top, and was planning to come arrest me the next day. So, I was forced to leave home and became homeless. A month passed while I stayed at another place. I calmly reflected on my every thought, looking for a loophole that might have allowed the evil to persecute me in this way. I realized the following omissions:

1. When the local police prepared to go to my home, I did not righteously use supernormal capabilities to protect the materials or ask Teacher to help. Instead, I was worried that the materials would be found. Because my human notions emerged, the materials were found. Teacher has told us in Zhuan Falun: "How can one’s qi dominate that of another person?"

2. When I met people who were not willing to listen to the truth about Dafa or who argued with me, I became angry at them and lost my patience. I did not compassionately and patiently explain the truth further. This even included my family members.

3. Several of us practitioners often had different opinions, continuously argued when we had conflicts, and even blamed each other. We parted on bad terms many times. When problems occurred, we did not look inward and improve as a whole, but instead were attached to self and were unwilling to let go.

4. I was released from prison several years ago and the general environment was more relaxed. But, the attachment of human laziness also came out. I did not do the three things diligently all the time, and studied the Fa like it was "completing a task."

I had so many attachments, so the evil had excuses to persecute me. Then, I ceaselessly recited Teacher’s Fa and experienced the profound connotations of Dafa, clearing away the bad elements in my mind. I used Dafa to correct my thoughts. Afterwards, my body suddenly felt light and my brain became very clear.

When I recited the last paragraph of Teacher’s "Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference," I suddenly enlightened to the understanding that I should go back home. I am a Dafa disciple; I shoulder the huge responsibility of saving sentient beings. I should go back and face everything firmly and do what I should do. This is my cultivation path. Besides, I have Teacher and Dafa; "who should fear whom?" My whole body was filled with strength, and so I went home.

After several days, I arrived back home. The police who monitored my home slipped in when a family member opened the door. I righteously asked, "What are you doing here? Tell the truth!" Then, several plainclothes policemen rushed in. I looked directly at the leader and sent forth righteous thoughts towards him. This policeman’s head became lower and lower, and his voice became smaller and smaller: "The top ordered us to beat and punish you, otherwise you’ll still be active. Today we found you with great difficulty, so we must arrest you. Get ready to go with us." Finally, his voice became so small, it was like someone talking during sleep. I sternly warned the police officer, "I must tell you: Persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners is the same as persecuting yourselves."

When I arrived at the Public Security Bureau, they asked me to sign the detention notice, I refused. I again saw the head of the 610 Office, and again clarified the truth to him. I told him, "You will not last long. Every companion of the CCP will eventually be brought to justice. I am not afraid of you detaining me. You should be the person who is truly frightened. You should know that you are persecuting people who believe in ‘Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.’ You’ll have to repay the debts double from now on if you continue doing evil. You will not be able to repay the debts. You still have time to atone. But, if you fail to do so, your fate will be pitiful. More accurately, it will be terrible." The 610 head just stood there and said nothing.

When the police took me to the detention center, I explained the truth to the driver and the guards at the detention center. I told them that Dafa teaches people to be honest and compassionate. I also told them that Dafa enables people to clearly distinguish right from wrong, good from evil. It enables people to have a conscience. I told them that Dafa punishes the wicked and promotes kindness and that it is sinful to persecute good people.

The staff at the detention center said to the police officer who brought me there, "This Falun Gong practitioner is too stubborn. She came here to publicly promote Falun Dafa. Lock her up. She’ll be dealt with." Even to these words I remain unmoved. I still confidently explained the truth to him. At the same time, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate all evil spirits and rotten ghosts in other dimensions of the detention center. I firmly believed that our great Teacher was next to me and protecting me. I had seen our bright future.

In about ten minutes, I suddenly got a headache. Both hands twitched, my temples were severely painful, and I was unable to sit still. I fell off the chair. The detention center staff requested a full health checkup for me and refused to accept me. After a while, the guard said, "She doesn’t need a checkup. She has a severe illness. Take her away quickly. We don't want any incident here; we refuse to accept her." The police who took me there begged me, "Quickly think about Dafa. Do not cause me trouble. If you die here, I can’t take the responsibility. I saw that you were energetic when talking about Dafa, so think of Dafa." In this way, merciful Teacher again protected me. I did not go into the detention center and the police took me back.

After being twice rejected by the brainwashing center and the detention center, it made me deeply realize that under any environment, I must firmly remember that I am Teacher’s disciple. Especially when I’m faced with the evil persecution, if I openly and honorably validate the Fa without human notions and use my divine side to rectify the Fa, then the evildoers will be fearful. Then, who dares to persecute us?

In conclusion, let’s review the Fa from Teacher’s "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York":

"Whether you are abroad or are in an environment where you are directly persecuted by the evil, you should display Dafa disciples’ righteous thoughts and righteous actions, as that strikes fear into the evil. The evil is raucous on the surface, but inside it is afraid. You are Dafa disciples, and you can’t have fear inside. If a cultivator can truly let go of [the fear of] death, then that death will forever be far removed from you."