(Clearwisdom.net) Guard Dao Xuesong in Suihua Labor Camp of Heilongjiang Province personally told Dafa practitioners that they have tortured nineteen Dafa practitioners to death in this Labor Camp since the persecution began on July 20, 1999.

Suihua Labor Camp forces Falun Gong practitioners to work and subjects them to mental and physical abuses and torture. All the practitioners who came to the Labor Camp had to take baths first, with water pouring on them from head to toe, covered with water. If they resisted, they would be beaten at once. Dafa practitioners Du Xinghe and Li Changxin, who were transferred to Suihua Labor Camp from Qiqihar, didn't cooperate with the guards, so they were beaten and shocked with electric batons by guards Dao Xuesong and Gao Zhonghai.

The guards in Suihua Labor Camp do not allow Dafa practitioners to watch TV, listen to the radio, write letters or make phone calls. They don't allow practitioners to eat food which the practitioners brought in with them. The goods prices in the in labor camp supermarket are two to three times higher than in a normal market. Some practitioners saved to buy some food but these items went missing soon after they arrived.

The Dafa practitioners are also followed and monitored by criminal inmates when they use the toilet. Though only one practitioner went to toilet, other criminals in the same cell had to follow. The criminal would be abused by the guards if he didn't. The practitioners were not allowed to rest when they were back in their dorms after they had worked all day in the camp. They had to sit on the small stools. Otherwise, they would be abused by the guards. They couldn't sleep until 8:30 p.m. They had to report numbers twenty times per day.

Dafa practitioner Lian Tao, who is a resident of Yichun City, was transferred to Suihua Labor Camp in the second half of 2005. After 2006 Chinese New Year, the guards on duty in the camp often beat practitioners whenever they felt like it. They also forced the practitioners to labor long hours without breaks. Practitioners regularly worked up to and over fourteen hours a day. 61 year-old Lian Tao demanded to meet with the labor camp director, however, guards Liu Wei and six other guards beat Lian Tao, causing severe damage to his eyes. So much so that he could not see while walking, and his body was completely covered with blue and purple scars. After two days, one of the guards who beat him was promoted by the guard captain to be vice captain of the large unit.

Another Dafa practitioner, Wang Zhiqian, who is also 61 years old, from Yichun City, was transferred to Suihua Labor Camp in the second half of 2005. Because the guards forced the practitioners to labor extra long hours and beat people at will, he wanted to report this situation when the governors of Heilongjiang Provincial Justice Department came to inspect the labor camp. To stop him, guards Liu Wei and Daoa Xuesong beat Wang Zhiqian and extended his illegal detention as well.

According to the rule about "six forbidden ways about tipstaffs," which was agreed upon by the Justice Department in February of 2006, most of the guards in the labor camp are in serious breach of the law and they should be relieved of their duties. However because Suihua Labor Camp wants to hide the truth of the persecution, they do not allow Dafa practitioners to contact the higher authorities. The local inspectors collude with the captain of the larger units and other policemen, and they do not allow Dafa practitioners to report the truth to the Inspection Department. They arranged this deception amongst themselves.

Guard Dao Xuesong told Dafa practitioners, "In our camp, there have been a total of nineteen Falun Gong practitioners killed since July 20, 1999. Is it useful to expose us on the Internet or appeal after you are released? I will still be a policeman despite all these acts. The inspectors who come here only hear from us so what do I have to fear. If anyone doesn't want to live, I will bury him."

Criminal inmates in the labor camp are not restricted. They don't need to obey the rules of the labor camp. They can bring a mobile phone with them, cook in the dorm themselves, gamble and drink alcohol, as long as they cooperate with the policemen and beat and abuse who the guards choose.