(Clearwisdom.net) I dreamed of taking a test. I entered the examination room, but found I had no pen. I had to search for a pen, because I did not prepare. The test papers were sent to us. I cared most about the composition topic. I opened the test paper to find that the subject was "Being Numb."

I finished the composition in a rush,only retaining a vague impression of what I wrote about. I just turned it in and left the room. Suddenly, I realized that I did not finish any of the other questions. It was just 10:15, so there were still 75 minutes left to finish the test. In a semi-conscious state, I walked back to the examination room. I wished to present my befuddled mental state as an excuse to the teacher and asked to finish the other questions. How could it be possible? Is there such a rule that will let you continue answering questions after you have left the exam room? I was filled with remorse as my thinking began to clear.

I was shocked by the dream when I woke up. Not bringing a pen for the test showed that my attitude toward the test was not serious. I only finished one question, the one composition question I rushed through. Supposedly, I would get full points for it, which only counted for 60 points. The passing score was 90 points, leaving me 30 points short. The full score was 150.

"Being Numb" was the topic of the composition. It was just to enlighten me. I seldom go out to distribute materials and clarify the truth in person. I only provide "truth clarification" materials and technical support for some fellow practitioners. I am especially numb towards those practitioners with poor understandings of the Fa that have been illegally detained. I have a notion of protecting myself. I am worried about being betrayed and implicated by them. Therefore, I dare not contact those practitioners and ignore the concept of all practitioners forming one body. 'Didn't my dream show me the serious consequences of acting this way?

I understand that Dafa practitioners should do all three things at the same time. Teacher has told us how to do it. It is like an open-book test. Dafa practitioners should give serious thought to the test paper. It can be seen how well I did the three things, I did not even bring a pen.

Let us keep a serious attitude during Fa rectification. Do not do things in a numb or semi-conscious state. The results may be that of holding a failed test paper with a heart of deep remorse.

Please kindly correct any improper understanding.

July 16, 2006