(Clearwisdom.net) My friend and I were fortunate enough to attain the Fa in 1997. When I had just begun to do the exercises, Teacher's law body guided me twice. Teacher's law body is extremely beautiful. There was a circle of light around the head, and another big circle of light around the body. When we do the exercises, or at any time, we often see Teacher's law body, law wheels, lotus flowers, gong column, etc.

In 2001, when doing the exercises, both my friend and I saw the grand scene of Dafa practitioners returning to Heaven. At the time, the gate of the Heavens was opened widely, with a huge beam of light shining directly on Earth. We went up merrily as if we were ascending heaven's stairs. Some practitioners went up riding on a flying crane, wings flapping. From above to below, the practitioners stretched as far as the eye could see. The people on the ground were dumbfounded and envious. The grand scene is really beyond description.

The above vision is what I saw with my celestial eye. I wrote it out to share with fellow practitioners. Currently, we seldom see anything, probably because we have attachments or we did something not right, or perhaps there is some other special reason. No matter what the situation with our celestial eyes, we realize that if we do not do the three things well during this period, we will have difficulties in carrying out our mission of validating the Fa. If we reached Consummation now, can we go to the realm where Teacher needs us to go? Could we face Teacher and the sentient beings in our realms?

July 13, 2006