(Clearwisdom.net) As the Fa-rectification progresses, some phenomena that I think have affected the overall improvement have appeared in certain areas, including my own hometown. After reading fellow practitioners’ articles, I took up my pen subconsciously and wanted to share what I think. For some time now, many practitioners in my county have had a misconception, and that is, they believe that since they have read the book (Zhuan Falun), done the exercises, and passed out truth-clarifying flyers, that they are true cultivators. I would like to talk about my understanding on this issue.

I think, to judge whether or not a person has studied the Fa is not to look at if he has read the book. The key is whether or not you have read it with your heart and whether or not you have enlightened to inner meanings of the Fa principles. If you have not enlightened to inner meanings, how can you improve to higher levels?

Besides, some practitioners tend to chit-chat about ordinary things when they meet, such as what happened in your home and her home, what you have purchased recently, and how that person has been doing, and so on. Some gossip and spread rumors about others when they don’t really know the truth; some do not pay attention to cultivating themselves while picking on others’ shortcomings; some do not share their experiences in the context of the Fa and vie with others in the numbers of flyers they have distributed; and some even get trapped in their own tests for a long period of time and their heads are filled with dirty things because they believe hearsay. Is that still cultivation?

We are so honored and privileged to have attained the Fa when Dafa is spreading, as we have come to this world with expectations from sentient beings. If we do not enlighten to the Fa principles during our Fa-study, what will we take to our sentient beings when we return?

Of course, in their arrangements, including every idea we have, the old forces have planned what they want. Our every thought, word, and action all contain what the old forces want. So we have to strictly hold ourselves to the Fa principles we have enlightened to, every second of our daily lives and see through what the old forces want. We have to be clear about what the Fa’s standards are and how we can cultivate ourselves in the Fa. Only then can we do better in our cultivation.

What is "believing in Master and believing in the Fa"? We should behave in a way that meets the standard of the new universe set by Master, and only then can it be said that we have truly believed in Master and believed in the Fa.

Why did Master say that the Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period are remarkable? This is how I understand it from my Fa-study: we are different universes within the new firmament, and we are different future cosmos' that will be indestructible. If we just read the book and do not cultivate our hearts, we will not be able to see the Fa principles at higher levels. How will you proceed with your cultivation without higher-level Fa principles? It’s not that when you have distributed some truth-clarifying materials, you are considered involved in Fa-rectification. What is your starting point? When higher beings look at us, they do not look at our actions alone. They look at our hearts, too. If we do not cultivate our hearts, no matter how many things we have done for Dafa, these are counted only as everyday people doing good deeds. Only when we improve in the Fa can we maintain our righteous thoughts by breaking through layers upon layers of interference from the old forces.

The above is my personal understanding. Fellow practitioners’ advice and corrections are welcome.