I am a new practitioner. I would like to share with others what I have enlightened to.

In November 2005, I left my job and returned home. My mother, who is also a practitioner, urged, "You are back home, and I think it is arranged by Teacher. Hurry up and seize time to practice Falun Dafa!" I heard a long time ago that Falun Dafa was good, but I never read the book. Late at night on the ensuing day, I got up for no reason. Feeling very calm, I folded my legs in the lotus position and held the book Zhuan Falun. Unconsciously, I turned to page 2, and what flashed into my eyes first was the second line: "Offering salvation to humankind means that you will be truly practicing cultivation, and not just healing illness and keeping fit."(Zhuan Falun) Those words jumped into my mind, and I truly felt as if someone were sitting right beside me, telling me this. It was a warm and familiar feeling. Tears rolled down suddenly, and I was utterly shocked inside as I realized that this was what I had been looking for since childhood.

Since then, I have been reading Zhuan Falun with a calm mind. After reading it once, I started reading Teacher's new articles, Essentials for Further Advancement, Hong Yin, and others such as Teacher's various lectures, Minghui Journals compiled by practitioners over the last several years, and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party from The Epoch Times. I spent over one month reading through everything once. During that period of time, my brother, my sister-in-law and my mother, all of whom are practitioners, shared experiences with me every night. I melted into the Fa No matter whether I was dining, working, or walking, I would be thinking about the Fa, and I read the Fa whenever I had the chance. Both my body and mind had gone through dramatic changes, and I felt as if I were a different person.

When I first started studying the Fa, I did not dare to shut my eyes at night. Whenever I did this, there would be all kinds of things coming to interfere and frighten me. A few times my mom woke me because of my screams. Sometimes just after I fell asleep, the phone speaker or the radio would come on, and they were very loud, with all kinds of noises. Every time after I was awakened, I crossed my legs into the lotus position and read Zhuan Falun. Gradually, I came to understand more and more in the Fa, and as my xinxing improved, I lost my fears. Before I read the latter chapters, I did not know it was demons interfering with me. I had instead interpreted it as Teacher wanting me to study the Fa at night.

When I started sending forth righteous thoughts, I could not keep a calm mind, and my mind also wandered. Later when I calmed down, external interference appeared, all kinds of noise started popping up, which greatly disturbed me. Then I suddenly enlightened to the interference, and Teacher's Fa appeared in my mind: "just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations." ("Eliminate Your Last Attachment"). I thus kept focused, saying to myself, "From now on, I will not be deceived by you, even if you turned the heavens upside down, I will not move my heart." From then on, I was indeed able to stay very focused in sending forth righteous thoughts.

The first time I was handing out truth-clarification materials and posting stickers, when my mom knew that I was going to go to a most vicious village to deliver those materials, she worriedly cautioned, "I heard that the new secretary of the CCP Committee is very poisoned by the evil Party's culture. He doesn't know the truth, so instead, he tries very hard to arrest Dafa practitioners. He also finds spies to watch Dafa practitioners in secret. You'd better not go." I replied, "It is because he is poisoned so much and doesn't know the truth that I must go! If he already knew the truth, what would be the point of going there?" Before I left, I said to Teacher's portrait, "Teacher, please don't worry about me, I will be ok." Then I left while sending forth righteous thoughts.

That night, I delivered truth-clarification materials door by door. While I was delivering the last copy of materials, however, I found that to the left of the last household was my classmate's home. So I decided that instead of leaving the last copy at a home I did not know, I would put it in front of my classmate's home. I picked up the material I already put on the ground in front of that home, and started to walk toward my classmate's home, when, suddenly, a dog started barking. I thought, "Why had this dog not barked earlier?" But it instantly became clear that this was a reflection of my attachment to sentimentality. I wanted to save my classmate, but if a person was not my classmate, then I wouldn't save him? All of sudden I felt ashamed.

When there were two truth-clarification stickers left, I came to the village high school. The lights were all lit in the school dormitories, and I could tell that the person on duty beside the entrance had not gone to bed either. After I finished pasting stickers at the entrance of the school, a cab came from a distance, and I was in panic a bit. I started running, and after a few steps I twisted my ankle most painfully. As this cab drove by me, I thought to myself, "Come on, don't hurt anymore," and while walking, I kept saying that. Then, dogs from nearly half of the village all started barking. I wondered, "What is wrong with me? Why did I start running? I am a Dafa practitioner; how can I act like this? Suddenly Teacher's Fa flashed into my mind, I understood that Dafa practitioners should be as steadfast as diamond. Then when the evil sees you, it will be frightened. It is because you are not righteous enough that you incur demonic interference! A Dafa practitioner should hold himself to the standards of a practitioner at any time and on any occasion, be broad-minded with a heart of compassion, and maintain a state of Wuwei (no mind-intent). Only then can he truly be considered a practitioner! Did I behave like that? No. I looked up to the sky and remarked, "Teacher, I know that I did wrong, but now I understand." At that time, my foot stopped hurting, and I knew that Teacher was right beside me!

From then on, I became more diligent in the Fa, reading and reciting the Fa seriously. At all times, I would keep in mind that I am a practitioner, and hold myself strictly to the standard of Dafa. I clarify the truth to any I come into contact with and try to talk them into withdrawing from the CCP.

During the Chinese New Year of 2005, my brothers and sisters came from a distant place, bringing all their families back to our parents' place, so our house was full of people. I figured that it was Teacher who arranged this so I could save them; therefore, while chatting, I talked with my mother and my relatives about Dafa. After saying only a few words, all kinds of comments arose. After we had our meal, my mother and I sat on the bed and started sending forth righteous thoughts, and some of them came to watch us out of curiosity. As soon as I erected my palm, my brother, who ranked fourth in the family threw a book at my hand, saying, "I want to see if your heart moves." My hand hurt a little bit, and I had pain in my heart as well. My tears almost came out, but I understood that it was my attachment at play. I began to calm down, and I felt that Teacher was looking at me. This was a test for me. No matter how rampant the evil is, it will have no effect if we do not have human attachments. Teacher would not let it happen, nor would it be tolerated by Fa theory. Considering this, I calmed down again, and after sending forth righteous thoughts, the whole room became quiet. Someone whispered: "Why am I so sleepy all of a sudden?" I recognized that it was "Buddha Fa's Mighty Power" coming into play.

During the evening, I continued my conversation with them, clarifying the truth. This time, it was their turn to argue with me. They brought up one question after another non-stop, and so we debated until past 2 o'clock. The next day this resumed after we awoke so that during the last few days, we were talking about the truth of Dafa at every chance. Teacher said, "The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts." ("Drive out Interference") "Validate the Fa with rationality, clarify the truth1 with wisdom, spread the Fa and save people with mercy--this is establishing the mighty virtue of an Enlightened Being." ("Rationality") I spoke to them with the greatest compassion I had and without selfishness. Ten days after the Chinese New Year, they left. My eldest brother said to me, "I will go back home and won't come back for a few years. What do you want to say to me before I leave?" Right away, I told him: "Falun Dafa is good." He smiled at me saying, "I won't kill living beings any more, and I won't harm others or cheat others. Instead, I will do some good deeds to accumulate De." My sibling who ranked fourth in our family came to me and said to me with a smile: "Dafa is good! I am so proud of you and for your Teacher, who has you as his disciple. Even though we criticized you so much, even cursing you, you were not upset at us and still treated us with kindness. You practitioners are so different from us!" My sister-in-law came over and said to me that she supported us, and my sister said, "I will remember this; I hope nobody will persecute Falun Gong in the future," and the others nodded their heads.

After this experience, I developed a deeper understanding of the Fa, and my fellow practitioners said that I had improved a lot. I told them that I never treated myself as a new practitioner. I realize that Teacher has suffered much for us and that we should treat everyone with the greatest compassion, so I shall rectify myself and follow the Fa and Teacher's arrangements at all times.

So far I have studied the Fa for seven months, and Dafa's miracles have made me a new person. Even though I have written much in terms of my cultivation experiences, what I have put down here is not even one tenth of what I have experienced. Every time when I have obstacles that I cannot overcome, I always think of Teacher's Fa and try to maintain my xinxing so that what ought to be done is done. I will follow Teacher's Fa and listen to Teacher. Whatever Teacher asks me to do, I'll do. At this last stage of Fa-rectification, I will catch up as fast as I can.