(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Da Qiang and all of his family practice Falun Dafa in China. They have witnessed Dafa's miracles again and again during their years of dedicated cultivation. This is only one of those times.

Mr. Da changed the light fixtures in every room of his home. About ten days later, they had to play with the light in his daughter's room for five minutes to get it to go on, every time. It was not as bright

as the lights in other rooms. In the beginning, Mr. Da believed it was the quality of the light fixture. He intended to exchange it when he had time. Then he thought how the light also had a life and that he should not give up so easily.

Mr. Da sat in his daughter's room and spoke to the light in his mind. "Light, you are also a life. It was your fate and fortune to meet Dafa practitioners. You provide light for practitioners every day. How come you don't anymore? I will have to change you, if you don't light up. That, too, would be your choice!"

As Da Qiang thought these things, his eyes landed on the desktop. There he saw a newspaper, not a Dafa book, on the desktop. He had a sudden thought about why there was problem with the light. He directed his thoughts to the light, "If the problem is because of my little practitioner's actions, then you should light up when I turn you on. Then, not light up right away when my little practitioner turns you on." When Da Qiang then turned the light on repeatedly, it lit up instantly every time.

Mr. Da called his daughter over and told her that there was nothing wrong with the light. He then told her what had just happened. At first his daughter did not believe him, but the light just would not come on when she tried to turn it on. Her father was able to turn it on instantly. They each tried several times and it was still the same.

This little practitioner started to look inside. She found she was spending her time on school work, watching TV, reading newspapers, and other meaningless things, instead of Fa study. She acknowledged her faults in her heart and then she tried to turn on the light again. Several times the light came on instantly for her. The little practitioner was so excited. She said, "So this light really has life! I can hardly believe it!"

That's right! Humans' opinions are truly hard to change. They can hardly believe these things that have happened themselves, much less believe that they have happened to other people.

"There are spiritual beings three feet above one's head." (Zhuan Falun) I hope everyone makes the right choice between right and wrong. Gods are watching our every thought, word and act!

May 28, 2006