(Clearwisdom.net) A fellow practitioner had been imprisoned for years. When he was released and returned home, his daughter cried because he was no longer the father she was familiar with. He had become a stranger and looked distant. For six long years in prison, this practitioner held onto righteous thoughts and did not give in to the evil. Maybe we can express in words the physical torture that the evil inflicted upon him, but no words can accurately describe the long-term mental and psychological brutalities that he endured.

When I was just released from three years of imprisonment, I felt strange about everything (excluding Fa-study and Falun Gong exercises). I found it difficult to shop or cook and I didn’t even know how to make conversation. I was no longer used to talking. The inhumane torture had changed me into an "idiot." This is minor compared with this fellow practitioner, who was tortured for a longer period of time and who was locked in "a prison within the prison" during most of his imprisonment.

Usually we only see our fellow practitioners’ strength of belief, and ignore the severe psychological trauma caused by long-term imprisonment. The evil, indeed, wants to use this method to wear down our wills, and then destroy our righteous belief in Master and the Fa. It is very dangerous if we cannot completely negate the old forces’ arrangements along our cultivation path.

Another practitioner also didn’t yield to the persecution during his imprisonment. But he wasn’t able to be diligent after being released. When I learned of his situation, I knew what his main attachment was. I should have shared my experience and understanding with him, but my human notions obstructed me. Would he, a former coordinator, be willing to listen to me? In addition, I heard that his family members, also practitioners, chose which practitioners could visit him. Therefore, I didn’t hurry to visit him. Not long afterwards, this practitioner passed away, which left me with self-rebuke. Of course, there was a reason on this practitioner’s side that led to his death. But who can say that his death had nothing to do with other practitioners’ attachments? The evil takes advantage of our every loophole.

Another practitioner had been imprisoned for a long time. Upon his release, he was so eager to do truth-clarification that he wasn’t studying the Fa well. Three months later he was arrested again. He was brainwashed and gave in to the evil against his will. When he frankly admitted to a fellow practitioner near him what he had done wrong, the latter, instead of encouraging him to update his understanding of the Fa and walk the future path well, stopped meeting with him and even stopped providing truth-clarification materials to him with the excuse that he was no longer trusted by the latter’s family. The practitioner who had given in to the evil already had a loophole, but is it appropriate to treat him this way? Isn’t this what the evil wants?

There were also some imprisoned practitioners who had done harmful things to Dafa and to Dafa practitioners. The evil attempted to use their loopholes to drag them down the gate of no-life. It is even more difficult to describe the mental persecution and abuses that these practitioners have been through. Compassionate Master has given us directions about the cultivation path in "Pass the Deadly Test," but the evil would not easily let a practitioner come back to cultivation. At such critical moments we can only help fellow practitioners, and we should not set up barriers for them through behavior and words that do not conform to the Fa.

A fellow practitioner near me was tortured and brainwashed for a long time. He was very anxious after he awakened, but he needed to be reminded repeatedly about certain problems before he could understand them. A few days ago, I started to speak to him loudly because I lost my patience with him and complained to myself about his lack of wisdom. This showed my lack of understanding and tolerance towards a fellow practitioner and my attachment of looking down on others. If we lack compassion towards fellow practitioners, the evil can easily use our loopholes to enlarge our conflicts, trap us in conflicts so that we cannot get out of, and wear down our willpower so that we cannot do the three things well, and fellow practitioners will not be able to improve themselves based on the Fa. As a result we could slack off, be numb, and eventually be destroyed by the evil. The Fa-rectification is coming to an end with very limited time left for us. For fellow practitioners who have been imprisoned for a long time, time is particularly precious. We don’t want any practitioners to lag behind. To enable them to catch up with the Fa-rectification progress as soon as possible, I hope that practitioners can have more understanding and tolerance for those who have just come out of the demons’ lair. In addition to helping them out with life’s necessities, we should mainly share with them our understanding of the Fa, and help them to find their major attachments so that they can be strong in mind and mature in the Fa. We shouldn’t worry and be in rush though, because everyone needs time to improve.

The practitioners who have just come out of the demons’ lair are more or less lagging behind the Fa-rectification progress because they didn’t study the Fa for a long time. We can only study the Fa more and well, rectify ourselves in the Fa, and study Master’s lectures a few more times in a chronological order to be clear about the relationships between the old forces, sentient beings, Dafa disciples, Fa-rectification and Master, so that we can catch up with Fa-rectification process as soon as possible.

I would like to suggest that fellow practitioners read or listen to the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party a few more times to clear out the evil’s theories and poisons instilled in our minds and to learn to find our true selves. We should no longer allow evil spirits, dark minions and rotten ghosts to persecute Dafa practitioners with any excuse. Instead, we should disintegrate, eradicate and clear them out. Let us walk well and nobly the paths that Master has arranged for us, do the three things well, and improve ourselves and improve as one whole body.

Due to my limited level, please correct me with compassion. Heshi.