(Clearwisdom.net) Authorities at Jinan Prison deprived practitioner Wang Chenglin's family members of the right to visit him many times on the pretext of his refusing to be "transformed".

Practitioner Wang Chenglin from Qingdao City was illegally sentenced to jail for 11 years since he made Dafa truth-clarifying materials in 2004. Since then he has been detained at Jinan Prison. Because he refused to give up Dafa, he was subjected to persecution with the "strictest control" by the guards. His family members went to visit him many times, but were denied entrance by the authorities of the prison.

In September 2005, his family members learned that he had been tortured to an unconscious state. They became extremely worried and requested to take him out for medical treatment, but their request was rejected. Wang Chenglin's 88-year-old father missed him very much. Also, after learning of the Chinese Communist Party's crimes of harvesting living practitioners' organs, he was extremely worried and came down with an illness for which he had to be hospitalized.

On May 18, 2006, other family members picked the father up from the hospital and brought him to Jinan Prison again, expecting to visit Wang Chenglin. One director claimed that since Wang Chenglin refused to be "transformed", he was strictly controlled and his family members were not allowed to visit him. With the Mr. Wang's father's painstaking pleas, he was allowed to see his son at last for a few minutes. The son just called out "father", and before he had an opportunity to say more, his father was driven off.