(Clearwisdom.net) Following are the experiences and understandings of some practitioners who went to Washington DC to send forth righteous thoughts, clarify the truth and validate the Fa:

The evil force is indeed very weak

When Jiang Zemin visited Houston, Texas a few years ago, practitioners gathered to send forth righteous thoughts and were soaking wet with continuous heavy rain for several days. During Hu's visit to Canada last year, practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts in front of the Parliament. When it rained, practitioners knew that Hu was about to come, since the head of the evil party brought the clouds and the evil environment with him. After raining for about two days, during which practitioners continuously sent forth righteous thoughts, the skies became clear. With Hu's visit to the U.S. this time, we had sunny skies continuously in Washington DC. Also, it was very easy to clarify the truth to Hu's "welcome" crew. In fact, it is because the Fa-rectification is in close proximity to this human surface level that the evil has become very weak and the field of practitioners' righteous thoughts has became stronger and stronger.

Upon arriving at the White House, a three year-old practitioner told his/her mom that there were a lot of bad people on the flags of the People's Republic of China. When leaving that evening, the little practitioner said there were no longer any bad people on the flags.

When practitioners mingled with Hu's welcome crew, our truth-clarification had great effect on them

Every practitioner tried hard to clarify the truth to the people nearby. As we talked, the (CCP) flags they were holding became lower and lower. After several practitioners clarified the truth repeatedly, even the voice of the person who was once the most rampant and dark eventually faded. Various methods we used had different effects. For example, shouting the slogans could refresh our righteous energy to eliminate evil; clarifying the truth could inspire people's conscience and good thoughts and unravel the mysteries in their mind; broadcasting Dafa songs could deploy a field of justice; and broadcasting the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party could clarify the truth with the power of the Fa. When the Epoch Times' "Solemn Statement" was read out, we could feel that it was powerful and shocking. It would have been even better if practitioners took turns sitting down and sending forth righteous thoughts together after holding the banners for a long time.

When two groups from the welcome crew stood in proximity to each other, practitioners should have shouted the slogans with care, because it was easy to provoke the opposite group to oppose them with bad words.

Maybe because fellow practitioners were anxious to save people, or they felt that they carried the truth of the Fa, they tended to clarify the truth with loud voices. Their compelling manner, which might be a reflection of the CCP culture, put people on the offensive. To clarify the truth is to tell people the facts with reason. One should clarify the truth gently and neutrally. It will not do any good when we are too anxious to do it.