(Clearwisdom.net) After the atrocities of the secret concentration camps in China were exposed, and the harvesting of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners was revealed, shock waves reverberated among our practitioners. Initially some practitioners didn't want to believe it. Later some started to doubt Dafa and Master. Finally, everyone began acting together to expose the evil conduct and to investigate and obtain criminal evidence. Nevertheless, after the dark secrets in the concentration camps were widely exposed around the world, the evils have worked overtime to continue the persecution, and have destroyed the criminal evidence through murder. Viewed from the Fa principles, exposing evildoers and their acts can eliminate many evils and make them weaker so that they cannot rampantly continue doing evil. Why then, is the situation not the way it should be? We have to ask ourselves that question.

Why didn't we believe or want to believe these atrocities? Why were we afraid? It is because the whole idea is too tragic and inhuman, and it surpasses the imagination and the ability to endure. It seems that we can still endure kidnapping and brutal torture. Repeated suffering seems to make us not care about it. But facing the dramatic pain of having organs removed and thinking about losing one's body and thus losing everything as a result, some practitioners had doubts, and some had thoughts that were disrespectful of Dafa. Haven't we thought it all over before? Why do we study the Fa? Is it to obtain the best things among the human beings, or to unconditionally assimilate into the Fa?

From these reactions, we can see that some practitioners are still acknowledging the old universe's principles and still have fundamental issues.

We soon began exposing the evils on a large scale, but on the surface we could see that the evils were becoming even more chaotic. Is this evil's appearance also caused by any of our own human attachments that should be eliminated?

I remember a story I once heard. A practitioner at a materials-distribution site was arrested. One of the practitioners missed the arrested practitioner with a formidable human sentiment, thinking of the victim's living conditions and wondering what kind of tortures he might have to suffer. This attachment made him so agitated that he was unable to deal with his family relationships. Eventually the old forces' dark minions took advantage of his loophole, and he almost lost his life. At last he understood. He recovered with the help of fellow practitioners' righteous thoughts and the power of Dafa. I also noticed another phenomenon. Most practitioners only care about practitioners whom they know, but are indifferent to others, certainly a manifestation of human sentiment.

Regarding the tragic issue of the concentration camps, although we do not know exactly who is inside, it concerns all practitioners. In sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth, many of us have the human mentality to defend our fellow practitioners and indignantly resent the evil scoundrels. I believe this is exactly the excuse that the evils use to test us.

Let us think about it. How could such a crime happen, and why is it now being exposed? One reason is that the Communist evil specter has reached its end. The other reason is, since it is at the last stage, the evil old forces have set up the "big test" to test all of our human thoughts. We know those practitioners who have experienced sickness karma may have their personal reasons, but mostly it is the old forces manipulating behind the scenes to test whether fellow practitioners' hearts are moved. If we are all moved, the old forces say, "See, I did right!" If we are not all moved, the old forces will be defeated and be unable to proceed. Could it possibly be the same regarding this incident?

The evil uses this incident to test all Dafa practitioners. They are testing whether or not we still believe in Master and Dafa, whether or not we can walk out from this incident, and whether or not we are willing to defend those who are practicing Dafa or stand on the Fa to safeguard Dafa! It is a fundamental test for everyone!

However, many fellow practitioners were moved by their human mindsets. Whatever their thoughts, those who didn't step forward defended the advantage of being human.

Some practitioners who did step forward did so to safeguard fellow practitioners instead of sincerely safeguarding Dafa. Therefore, the old forces' mechanisms reinforce the persecution. They become more rampant in order to "forcibly bring out" our righteous thoughts, just like in the forced labor camps where the authorities beat our practitioners in order to "beat" out their righteous thoughts. It is incomparably evil!

What has happened should remind us of our shortcomings. Have we correctly positioned safeguarding Dafa and rescuing fellow practitioners? Have we thoroughly denied all the arrangements the old forces made? By denying them, have we eliminated all human thoughts and all interference, and done well the three things that we should do? Do we have genuine compassion for sentient beings in the universe or merely for human beings?

Buddhas are the protectors of the universe and are responsible to all righteous factors. Do we regard ourselves as the universal protectors and think of everything from that standpoint? Are all of our thoughts based on the Fa? Do we merely express our compassion to human beings? As for the persecution in the concentration camps--do we merely look at it as our practitioners being persecuted? Have we ever thought that our human mentality may have escalated the persecution? Have we thought of Master carrying additional tremendous suffering for us?

Falun Dafa is the fundamental great law that created the universe and is the foundation for the existence of all beings. We are disciples assisting Master. We should be the great gods in the new universe that Dafa creates. Our safeguarding Dafa is to treasure and value all beings in the universe. It is their choice for those evils that have persecuted our practitioners to be eliminated as we send forth righteous thoughts.

Dafa does not need and does not permit the old forces to impose anything on Dafa. Sometimes however, our human thoughts may make situations more complicated. We should not treat the current incident with any human mentality. Only when we give up our human thoughts and consider matters from the viewpoint of safeguarding Dafa, and completely deny any degenerated entities in the old universe that the old forces impose on us can we truly rescue our fellow practitioners, reduce the losses, and lessen the suffering Master endures for us.

May 1, 2006