(Clearwisdom.net) In 2002 I wrote many letters to family members, friends, former classmates, and my hometown acquaintances to expose the lies of the Chinese Communist Party. Afterwards, I was reported on, and one of my relatives told me that their residence was completely ransacked. She told me to leave home immediately. I collected some necessary items and left home. I stayed with several relatives, each for a short while, but none of them dared to let me stay for long. Eventually I went to stay with relatives far away. As soon as I entered their home, one relative told me, "I have only one condition: you can live here, but you have to burn all of your Falun Gong books and Falun Gong related materials." I firmly replied, "The Falun Gong books and I are always together."

To protect the books, I decided to leave. Stepping into the darkness of the cold winter evening, I was freezing and hungry. Tears fell from my eyes. At that moment, I mostly missed Teacher, whom I believed was the one who understood me the most. Teacher was closer to me than any of my loved ones. I kept calling in my heart: "Teacher, where are you? Your student misses you!"

In January, it was extremely cold and the nights were very long. I carried a big bag with Dafa books and other truth clarification materials. To keep myself warm, I walked back and forth. At the time, I thought: "I am a divine being. I must safeguard the great law of the cosmos. The path I choose is righteous." I firmly believed in Teacher and the Fa. I felt that Teacher was right beside me protecting me. Teacher's resonant voice while teaching the Fa echoed in my ears. I listened to Teacher's lectures as I walked. Gradually I started to feel warmer and warmer. The scene of Teacher's nine-day lectures in Linggang in 1994 that I attended appeared before my eyes. Back then I did something foolish. Whenever I thought about it, I felt sorry. After studying the Fa and practicing the exercises, I realized that the thought back then was not mine but was thought karma and acquired human notions. At that time, Teacher cleared away these bad things for me. There are no words for me to express my gratitude to Teacher. I can only thank Teacher in my heart for saving me and thank Teacher's magnificent mercy.

I remember it was a morning in 1994 that I went to attend Teacher's nine-day lectures. I went there very early but the square was already full of people. Seeing so many people attend, I felt that the qigong master must be a very good one. I was full of illnesses and had visited dozens of doctors in some big city hospitals, but the illnesses were not cured. I was told that qigong could cure illnesses, so I attended Teacher's lectures. Anxiously I waited for the qigong master to come. Back then I believed that to cure illnesses, I had to look for some elderly doctors as only the elderly ones were more experienced. Likewise, good qigong masters should be elderly as well. I stared at the stage. In a short while, a tall young man stepped onto the stage. He had a dark colored suit on, with a white shirt and a tie. Although the suit looked a little old, he appeared to be very clean, and his manner was very appropriate. He seemed to be very easy to get along with.

This young man stepped onto the stage and introduced himself as the qigong master that would teach us Falun Dafa. I was stunned, "Can this young man cure my illnesses?" After a while, he said, "I'm not going to talk about doing healing here. We don't do healing." ("The First Talk" in Zhuan Falun, 2003 translation version) Hearing this, my illnesses became worse, and my head hurt especially. I did not hear the rest of the lecture. Finally Master finished, and another young man came to teach us the first set of the exercises. Everyone stood up at the same time. I also stood up, but I had lost interest in learning the exercises. I thought that the exercise would not cure any illness, and that it was useless to learn.

I stood there blankly. This "Qigong Master" stood on the stage and was smiling down at all of us from the stage. In time, his eyes stopped on me. He smiled at me, and gently hinted that I should learn the exercise. I looked around and found that thousands of people, both upstairs and downstairs, were learning the exercises. I was the only one who was not doing anything. The "Qigong Master" looked at me, and I felt that the pains I had in many parts of my body became less and my head did not hurt as much. Afterwards, I knew that it was Teacher who had moved away my illnesses. At that moment, I noticed that Teacher's complexion was different: it was glowing with a fair and rosy complexion. He seemed very kind and amiable, and his movements were steady and sure. At that very instant, I suddenly felt that I had known Teacher for a long time. From then on, I started to have a firm faith in Teacher. Nobody would ever be able to shake my belief in Teacher and Dafa. When I realized this, magic occurred. I felt very comfortable from head to toe. My entire body felt light. I learned what it was like to be without any illness. I was very excited. I would let Teacher arrange everything for me.

By the time I had finished recalling this momentous event, it was close to dawn. My relatives suddenly appeared right in front of me. They seemed to have forgotten the earlier unpleasantness and said, "Thank goodness we've found you now. Aren't you freezing?" I told them not to worry about that, but the condition proposed to me earlier was acceptable. They said, "Just come home with us now. Nobody will touch any of your precious books." I felt very relieved to hear that and went back with them. They seemed to be very cold, but I was warm. I told them that I was even sweating, and let them feel my hand, which was warm and moist. They thought I had caught cold, was having a fever, and needed to go to the hospital. I let them feel my forehead and palm. One relative felt my forehead, which was warm and sweating. She said it was very strange. How could I be sweating when I had only a few shirts on and had stood outside in the cold for almost the entire evening? I told her, "My Teacher has been teaching me the Fa the whole time. I was listening to Teacher's lectures." She doubted it could be true. I said, "Had it not been for Teacher's protection, I would have already been frozen to death. Ordinary people can never understand cultivators, unless they also cultivate. What people think as not believable is actually right in front of us." After that, she started to understand the truth and has withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party.

I will not forget the precious days when Teacher gave the nine-day lectures. He treated everybody the same. He was always full of smiles. When he took pictures with us, he was smiling the whole time, even though it was cold and he had to take them with different groups, which took a long time. None of the students who attended the lectures wanted to leave Teacher. We tried to stay around him. He was always merciful and looked at us with a smile.

Among those attending the lectures, some had been bedridden for years, and some had fatal diseases. However, at the end of the nine-day lectures, all of us were cured. I was one of them. In the past, I was full of different kinds of illnesses, but now I am very healthy. From 1994, when I first started practicing Falun Gong, up till now, 12 years have passed, and I have not taken one single pill. I look younger than those who are about my age. My family and all of my relatives agree: "Falun Dafa is miraculous."

During those days when I attended Teacher's lectures, I personally experienced what Teacher said in Zhuan Falun:

"And this is important, now, because like I've said, I'm the only person doing this, and there aren't a lot of opportunities like this. I won't keep on spreading it this way forever. I think that whoever gets to hear me transmit the exercises and teachings in person, I'd say he's really... later on you'll know, and you'll feel really glad about this period of time. Of course, we believe in karmic relationship, and everybody sits here because of their karmic relationships." ("The First Talk" in Zhuan Falun, 2003 translation version)

I am writing down these precious experiences to share them with fellow practitioners. Don't forget Teacher's arduous salvation. We are extremely fortunate to have obtained this magnificent Dafa, which was not possible in thousands of years. We must do the three things well as Teacher has required of us. We must accomplish our task that history has given us to help Teacher in Fa-rectification.