(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Rahim Jaffer, Chairman of the Conservative Party of Canada and Rob Anders, Member of Parliament commented recently regarding the 14 million Chinese people quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Mr. Anders stated, "And really the solution is inside China, with those people who no longer want to support a barbaric regime." Mr. Jaffer also expressed his admiration and said he respected and encouraged such actions.

Rahim Jaffer, Chairman of the Conservative Party of Canada

Canadian MP Rob Anders

On Tuesday, October 3, this correspondent interviewed Mr. Jaffer and MP Anders. Both of them had comments on the withdrawals from the CCP and China’s human rights. Mr. Jaffer said that the investigation report by Mr. Matas and Mr. Kilgour on the CCP’s organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners caught the attention of the Canadian government and the government would take action.

Member of Parliament: Withdrawals from CCP is solution for China

Regarding over 14 million Chinese people renouncing the CCP by making statements on the website of the Epoch Times, MP Mr. Anders said, "The more people in China that give up their membership in the Communist Party, the better. I think this regime has long outlived its life and that it needs to come to an end. And really the solution is inside China, with those people who no longer want to support a barbaric regime."

Mr. Jaffer said, "One thing I admire about people in China, is that despite some of the challenges they face in dealing with the government they do try to highlight and protest and try to make changes from within. We need to respect that and we need to encourage that and work with those Chinese who have been taking the leadership."

"I think that’s excellent. I encourage that sort of activity. Because it's the only way. Even here in this country when people want to change the government they can protest and they can obviously have a demonstration and do it peacefully."

Attention on the CCP’s live organ harvesting; Canada plans to work with other countries to put pressure on the CCP

Mr. Jaffer said that the Canadian government is paying attention to the investigation report by Mr. Matas and Mr. Kilgour. He said that according to the theme the prime minister has set for Canada-- to work with those countries that are promoting human rights, democracy, and freedom-- in light of this , something needs to be done.

He expects that there will be some sort of announcement or action soon as to how the government is going deal with what was discovered in the report. The Foreign Minister has not given any details yet, but Mr. Jaffer was encouraged that something would be done soon. He said that hopefully within the next few weeks or less we will hear some announcement from Mr. MacKay. But he is aware of it, he’s taken a keen interest, and Mr. Jaffer thinks he wants Canada to take an active role.

MP Anders said that it is his sense that if China is the world’s largest abuser of human rights, and they’re more than willing to kill students en masse and Falun Gong practitioners, he thinks it makes absolutely perfect sense that they are harvesting organs. They've had some of their own former officials testify to that. It’s sad, and he thinks that Western countries should do more to hold China to account for those things.

Recommending cutting foreign aid to China

Mr. Jaffer recommended canceling foreign aid to China. He said, "I think almost all of the aid going directly to China will be cut if it hasn’t already been." "And from what I understand our Minister in charge of International Development, as soon as she was able to take over, and also through the PM’s leadership, has reviewed those budgets of foreign aid going to China."

MP Anders agreed with cutting the $50 million aid to China. He said, "One of the things I want to see us do is go ahead and pull foreign aid to China based on their human rights violations. I think we’re starting to see some reflections in Canadian foreign policy with regard to trade and diplomatic relations. And I’m glad to see that. The Chinese have to realize the repercussions for their activities in human rights. There’s still more that can be done and I’d like to see that happen."

Mr. Jaffer said, "I think there is obviously great interest from China in Canada for natural resources, for trade, for things like that. We have to really engage as we work with China on many of these issues that are of common interest, to really prove to us and show us what they are doing to enhance and promote human rights. And ensure that they show us, not only for the short-term but for the long-term, how they will respect the treatment of minority groups, different individuals, and respect for different religions. This is something that Canada is so passionate about and represents everything that we are."

He continued, "So we really need to ensure that they can prove to us, if we continue to have a positive relationship in the future, how they’re going start respecting those sorts of things, especially when there are problems. And I think we as a country have to do that but we have to work with other countries that would like to see that change, to put pressure on China. So this is what I would suggest as a way we can do positive things to ensure China changes some of its bad record."