(Clearwisdom.net) Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province is a hell on earth. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses this camp to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. All the steadfast practitioners in Hebei Province were transferred to Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp and persecuted.

Measures used to persecute:

1. There is a team in the camp designated to persecute practitioners—Captain Yang Zemin, educators Li Xuejun (male) and Ma Li (female), Fang Chai, and guard Ye Shuxian (female, now retired, female). These people planned and participated in the persecution of practitioners.

2. There was a 20-acre garden near the camp with high walls surrounding it and an empty house. On the premises, there were holes to bury people and torture devices to persecute practitioners.

3. Practitioners were locked up and denied visitors. They were brainwashed and forced to watch TV that slandered Teacher and Falun Dafa.

4. For every practitioner, there were about a dozen guards assigned to persecute him/her each time.

5. There were 103 electric batons used to shock practitioners' mouths and sensitive parts until their skin blistered. Practitioners were tied up with a rope until their shoulders dislocated and buried in holes in the ground until they almost suffocated. Guards wrapped practitioners' fingers with copper wire and ran current through it. The guards also used scissors to stab underneath the practitioners' feet, cuffed the practitioners and locked the cuffs to rings buried in the ground, and beat, kicked and electrically shocked practitioners who were physically weak. They also put poisonous snakes on the practitioners. The guards would take off the practitioners' clothes and cuff them on the rings, leaving them there under the sizzling sun and let the mosquitoes bite them. The guards also wore hard shoes and stomped and kicked practitioners on their stomaches, faces and other sensitive parts. Practitioners had to do intensive labor that they could barely do, and the food was awful.

6. There was a dark room specifically used to persecute practitioners. The dark room was located on the second floor. All the walls and ceiling were covered with words slandering Teacher and Dafa. Practitioners locked in the dark room were not allowed to sleep for a long time and were forced to read drawings slandering Teacher and Dafa. The camp also had former practitioners who went astray brainwash the practitioners.

Case 1

A female practitioner was on hunger strike for many days. The guards force fed her until she vomited. The practitioner became very weak. Guard Lv instigated several prisoners to force the practitioner out of the dark room. He then ran around the large yard in the camp, dragging her behind for three hours. The prisoners later took the practitioner inside the house and brutally beat her. Guard Lv punched the practitioner down onto the floor, picked the practitioner up and knocked her down again. This torture went on for about an hour. The practitioner couldn't move anymore. Two male guards then came in and stomped on the practitioner's head and feet with their hard shoes.

Ten days before the Chinese New Year, Captain Yang Zemin led a dozen guards and cuffed this female practitioner onto a wooden board which was specifically used to persecute practitioners. The board had two iron rings on each side made with thick iron bars. The guards opened up and cuffed the practitioners arms on the iron rings. The practitioner was in a squatting position and the guards started to use electric batons to shock her on the hands, face, on the bottoms of the feet (without socks on), her mouth, and spine. The guards beat her, slapped her, and kicked her in the lower abdomen, back, and legs. When they used the electric batons to shock her feet, they didn't remove the batons until the skin was blistered. These tortures lasted three hours everyday until it was almost New Year's.

Case 2

One day the guard director, Zang Haili, wrote words that slandered Teacher and Dafa and told a practitioner to read it. This practitioner refused. The guards then beat, kicked and slapped the practitioner. This practitioner's legs were severely bruised and swollen because of being kicked.

Around 7 p.m., a dozen guards took this practitioner to the garden and cuffed this practitioner on two iron rings fixed on the ground with his arms spread apart. The guards took off the practitioner's socks and started to beat the practitioner and shock his/her (gender unknown) feet, face, hands, shoulders, spine, neck, and legs. This practitioner fell on the ground. Guard Zang Haili placed a wood enrod on the practitioner's swollen legs and stomped on it. This torture lasted till midnight and the practitioner was only released after fainting.

After this practitioner came to, he/she was immobilized on a wooden board with his/her left hand cuffed to an iron ring. Fingers of his/her right hand were bleeding and he/she could taste strong medicine in his/her mouth.

Captain Yang Zemin tried to force this practitioner to renounce Falun Gong. The practitioner refused. They locked this practitioner in a dark room on the 2nd floor and had a group of collaborators brainwash him/her. This practitioner wasn't allow to sit, squat, lie down, or sleep. Once the practitioner closed his/her eyes, the practitioner would be beaten. This practitioner was forced to listen to the collaborators. The torture continued for dozens of days until this practitioner lost consciousness. This practitioner's legs were severely swollen, to the point that they looked shiny and hard on the outside, like an iron rod. The practitioner couldn't put shoes on.

Case 3

In June, a guard forced a practitioner into a dark room in the garden and cuffed the practitioner to the iron rings on the ground with his/her arms spread apart. Guard Zang Haili rolled up this practitioner's shirt and sleeves and said, "You said we persecute you. I will let the mosquitoes bite you and persecute you today."

The mosquitoes in the Gaoyang District were very vicious and the practitioner had bug bites all over. Later, a female guard placed a harmful animal inside the practitioner's clothes and let it run around. Other guards later brought a poisonous snake and let it crawl on the practitioner's body. The tortures lasted until 11 p.m.

Case 4

A female practitioner was on a hunger strike in the camp for over a year and suffered from various tortures. Guards wrapped copper wire on her fingers and shocked her with electric current. She was taken to the garden and buried in a hole. She was forced to stand inside the hole and the dirt covered her up to her neck. The guards then took her out right before she suffocated and re-buried her, repeating the torture. Later this practitioner was tied up tightly with her arms behind her head. In this position, the practitioner's shoulders dislocated and she fainted due to the pain. The guards then loosened the rope, put the dislocated arms back, and tied her up the same way again. This torture was repeated a dozen times. A guard even stuffed toilet paper into this practitioner's mouth. However, all of these evil acts didn't change her belief. Guard Fang Chai (an evil policeman known in the Gaoyang area) forced this female practitioner to do heavy work (sieving sand) that she couldn't physically do for over two months. She was also given awful food to eat.

Guards in the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp:

Captain: Yang Zemin
Educator (male): Li Xuejun
Educator (female): Ma Li
Guard: Fang Chai
Female guard: Ye Shuxian (reitired)
Female guard: Lv Yaqin
Guard/doctor: Wang Yi, Bai Hexian
Middle team captain: Wei Hongling
Guard Director: Zang Haili
Guard: Wang Xiaohui
Female guard: Liu Yufen
Guard: Fan Yi