(Clearwisdom.net) At a tender age of 14 days, my son suffered from high fever, vomiting and diarrhea, which caused him to cry day and night. He was hospitalized for three days, after which his symptoms eased. However, for the next two years, fevers of 38 to 40 degrees Celsius (100-104°F) would often arise, and loose bowels were an everyday occurrence. As a result, his buttocks were red and festered, but it seemed as though pills, injections, and even hospitalization had no effect in relieving his symptoms.

In the summer of 1994, my son's symptoms deteriorated. He suffered from a continuous fever, twitching, eye irregularity, foaming at the mouth, and he often lost consciousness.

But in March 1995, when my son was about three years old, he watched a Falun Gong exercise video tape and Teacher's Nine Lectures in Guangzhou with me, thereafter becoming a young disciple. While watching Teacher's Fa lectures, he crossed his legs and listened with rapt attention. He gazed at the screen, often forgetting to play with the toys in his hand, and he remembered far more than the adults after watching the Fa lecture. Since he was too young to do the whole set of exercises he just imitated the adults in doing simple movements, and sometimes he would do the sitting exercises.

Not long after beginning to practice Falun Gong, my son had a dream. During a severe flood our house was washed to a wide open country, adrift on muddy waters. Just as we faced an imminent disaster, Teacher came on a lotus flower, stopped in the air not far from us, and by gently waving his sleeve, constructed a bridge in front of us. However, all the members of my family seemed glued to the surface of the muddy water, unable to move. When we were striving toward the bridge, a current rushed in and the water inundated the surface of the bridge, exposing many sharp nails. So we were unable to cross the river. But just at that moment, Teacher gently waved his sleeve again on the surface of the bridge and there appeared a thick soft carpet. We did not feel any pricking pain, and crossed the bridge with Teacher as we arrived to a wide and smooth road on the other bank. Teacher, still on the lotus flower, led us to a building and showed us to a spacious room and told us the room was safe. According to my son, this room was exactly the one in which our family had studied Falun Dafa. We actually knew little about that fact that Teacher had endured the sufferings and tribulations for us while eliminating our karma. From the dream's indication, we felt proud to be fortunate enough to learn Falun Dafa, and we decided to cherish it and firmly cultivate.

In the very beginning, when Teacher helped to cleanse my son, he had a very strong reaction. On top of his head there were many pustules of varying sizes. The top of the pustules were white, but the surrounding parts red and swollen. Pus and blood oozed out of these pustules, and so the fortitude and endurance my son manifested was beyond our imagination. He did not shed a single tear, but because of the pain, my son could not speak, and he ate very little. He instead sat on the sofa and played with his favorite toys. In the evening he slept with his face on the pillow, and when I cleaned the pus he would always bite his teeth to keep from moaning.

In a brief sharing my son explained to me, "It is Teacher who is cleansing my body. As long as I can endure the pain everything will be alright." I was very much moved by the way my son dealt with the cleansing, which made me even more steadfast and confident later on my journey of cultivation.

On the day when my son suffered the most severe pain, he sat on the sofa as usual to play with his toys. He then saw benevolent Teacher, on a lotus flower, coming down from his portrait on the opposite wall and flying to his side. Teacher, showing compassionate care, told him that he must endure the pain, study the Fa often, and play less.

On hearing my son's experiences, my thought of cultivating through to the end grew ever more firm. My son had passed his first test, and afterwards, I thought to myself about how, without Teacher's compassionate care and Dafa, the consequences would have been too ghastly to contemplate. At that time I studied the Fa at a surface level, so I worried that the pustules, which caused scalp to shed, would affect his development and growth. However, my son's hair grew very well. Looking back on my path of cultivation, I would say Teacher's benevolent aid and compassionate care toward practitioners could not be repaid with the gratitudes and thanks of any human language.

After dinner one day in the summer of 1995, four months after my son began learning Falun Gong, the symptoms he experienced a year prior suddenly reoccurred. And aside from these, there was a new symptom accompanied by a twitch. To put it simply, he had stinking blackish things in his stool. At the very beginning I though he had already passed his test smoothly, and so I simply began to read Zhuan Falun to him. However, after reading several sections, his symptoms did not show any improvement but worsened. On seeing the situation, my heart was moved. I carried my son, who had already lost consciousness, and on my kneels in front of Teacher's portrait, I cried again and again for help, "Master, your disciple begs you to save her son." My tears poured forth.

This awakened my husband, who was sound sleep (a non-practitioner, but supported us in the practice), and he jumped out of bed and rushed to us. He took our son to hospital by taxi without even putting on his shoes as I followed with the help of my other family members. At that time, I found that my son's body was not stiff like last time, and his breath was stable. He just lost his consciousness. My husband called him and pinched him with no avail. I thought then that Teacher had always been looking after my son, helping him to cleanse his body and rooting out his symptoms. Therefore, he would be alright. However, this thought of mine was not strong, and I still held fear inside me.

Upon arriving at the hospital, I went to the emergency room to register right away and my husband, who carried our son, followed. They waited in the corridor. However, after I registered and rushed out, I could not believe what I saw. My son was sitting there talking to his dad. At the time I really wanted to be on my knees to thank Teacher. A resolute voice sounded deep in my heart, "I am a disciple of Teacher. I will not worry, fear or hesitate! No matter what I encounter I will believe in Teacher and believe in the almightiness of Dafa."

Perhaps this is why I had not the slightest fear in 1999 when the persecution was most severe. At the time, I told my husband what I had enlightened to. He was very excited and hurriedly gestured a heshi, saying, "Thank you, Master Li!"

When we carried our son into the emergency room, and after we described our son's symptoms, the doctor did not believe us. Then I told her that we practiced Falun Gong so wonders would happen. She said sceptically, "Your child is fine. He just had a fever. If he was on medication he can stay for further observation. Otherwise you can go back home now." My husband insisted on staying for observation. The doctor prescribed medication, which cost more than 200 yuan, and started to give it to my son. However, not long after the infusion my son pulled out the needle himself, jumped out of bed and said, "I am not sick, I don't want to any medication. Let's go home!"

After returning home, my son suffered from blackish diarrhea for two weeks. However, he was in high spirits, and the diarrhea did not affect his daily life. Thereafter, my son bid farewell to all his symptoms and became a healthy practitioner. Now he has grown into a lad of 1.8 meters (5' 11'').

Whenever my son does not follow the requirements of Dafa, I remind him, "Your life was saved by Teacher, so you cannot simply pursue what you like. If you fail to study the Fa well, I will have no face when facing Teacher, nor will you."