(Clearwisdom.net) March 9, 1996, was a critical turning point in my life. My view of the world changed dramatically. That morning, the sun rose from the east, breaking through the clouds in the morning sky and spreading all over the world. I walked home merrily, breathing fresh air after the morning exercise.

On the road, I stopped in front of the campus billboard, which was covered with posters of different colors. Among the cluttered posters, a distinctive one caught my eye: "Mr. Li Hongzhi will come to the school to teach Falun Gong and Falun Dafa on March 9." Every word flashed gold and appeared to be waving and smiling at me.

There had been many famous qigong masters come to the school to give classes. None of them had interested me, but this little poster attracted my attention like a magnet and changed my life.

I remember that on March 9, I arrived to the campus auditorium for the qigong class on time. The room was already filled with people, some sitting in the middle of the floor with their legs crossed in the lotus position. The sides were also filled with people. I moved around and stood on the right-hand side to listen to Teacher. On my arrival, I was a bit disappointed to see that people were watching the video recordings of Master teaching the Fa, since I was expecting that Master would be there in person, as suggested by the poster. I wondered what was happening. I thought perhaps I had misread the poster in my excitement. Now I am happy that I did not leave the classroom at that time; otherwise I would have missed the opportunity that I had been waiting for for thousands of years.

Soon, the solemness of the atmosphere took hold of my heart, and suddenly I saw Faluns of all sizes floating in the room. Everything around me was frozen. Listening to Teacher's lecture while watching Teacher's benevolent face, it seemed that I had seen Teacher before. Teacher's words, the expression in his eyes, and his every gesture tightly grasped my heart. His words reverberated in the large auditorium.

As I kept listening, it gradually felt as though Teacher was not on the screen anymore. He appeared to be outside of the screen and had a three-dimensional body. Even though I was standing to the right, it was as though he were facing me directly and gently speaking to me. While I was watching Teacher's lecture, every word penetrated my heart. As I kept on listening, my tears fell, even though since my youth, I had been a person who was not easily moved.

The next day, I went to the classroom with curiosity. I thought that since I had had the wonderful feeling while standing on the right the previous day, I would stand on the left and see what would happen. Surprisingly, the feeling was exactly the same. It was truly a wonder. After the second lecture, I told the assistant about the wonder of my seeing Master teaching the Fa. The assistant told me to come earlier the next day and sit in the front.

On the afternoon of March 11, I went to the campus auditorium after dinner. I was there one hour early, but a dozen or so people were already in the room. Under the direction of the same practitioner, I sat in front of the large TV set and listened to the discussions among the old and the new practitioners. They talked about the wonders of Dafa and an hour passed by quickly.

I remember that the sunset on the third day of the class was especially beautiful. The warmth of the spring cheered my heart. Teacher's lecture began and with deep respect, I sat erect in front of the television. Everyone was concentrating on listening to Teacher's lecture.

It was past seven o'clock, but the room was still bright. In the remaining radiance of the sunset, suddenly a flash of light caught my eye through the window. I was a bit startled and raised my eyes to look outside. I was struck by the scene of Teacher's big Fashen in the air looking down at the practitioners in the auditorium. I kept listening to the lecture while turning to look out the window. Shortly, Teacher's Fashen began to move away and became smaller and smaller, until I could not see Him anymore. When I turned my attention back to the lecture, Teacher's Fashen gradually moved back and became bigger and bigger, finally becoming a large Fashen sitting in the air with legs crossed outside of the window.

Later, I realized that Teacher's Fashen were at the practice site protecting every practitioner. Indeed this is the case. Teacher has always been next to us.

In the class, the assistant played the exercise video and taught us the exercises after each lecture. After nine sessions in nine days, we had learned all five exercises. Teacher showed us the highest principles of the cosmos and installed Falun, as well as other mechanisms, in us. As long as we elevate our xinxing, our gong will grow.

We have finally obtained what we had been expecting and waiting for over the past millions of years. Watching those thousands and thousands of people who have not come to Dafa and are still lost in the maze and waiting to be saved, I feel we are truly the most fortunate. As practitioners, we have not missed this precious opportunity. With Teacher guiding us, we walk straight along a great path. No matter what difficulties or tribulations lie ahead, we will steadfastly follow Teacher and will not falter on a single step.