(Clearwisdom.net) I was lucky enough to obtain the Fa in 1997, and I am in a gradual enlightenment state, which means I can see some truths in other dimensions. Below are some scenes I saw in another dimension when our group was sending forth righteous thoughts towards labor camps, hospitals, and prisons. The purpose of our being able to see was to increase our confidence in doing the three things better.

After 1999, many fellow practitioners were detained in local labor camps, where the evil beings were rampantly torturing to death and injuring many practitioners. The evil was vicious to the extreme. The first time I went there, I saw that a big dark bell covered the other dimension, and hiding underneath were many dark minions, rotten ghosts, vile Chinese Communist Party (CCP) specters, etc. Among them, there were many big dark minions in yellow, white, and blue colors. The small dark minions were countless. There were countless caves hiding in the dark smoke, with many demons and rotten ghosts in the caves. Some were sharks, some were crocodiles, snakes, ghost heads, and evil spirits. The sharks and crocodiles were very large, and they hid their bodies in the caves with their heads sticking out. They opened their big mouths and looked very cruel. We Falun Dafa practitioners sent forth strong righteous thoughts, and disintegrated many dark minions, rotten ghosts, and the CCP evil specters very effectively. Currently most guards in the labor camp do not torture Falun Dafa practitioners, and the situation is relatively good.

Last week, practitioners from two local areas got together to send forth righteous thoughts from a close distance, and cleansed the other dimension of that labor camp until it was clear and transparent. I saw a huge lotus at the highest point, radiating yellow light, and it made the surroundings very bright. Several dark minions tried to get close to that lotus, and the lotus disintegrated them instantly.

There was a dark den of beings harvesting organs from living Falun Dafa practitioner in Jinzhou City. We went to send forth righteous thoughts close to that hospital. I saw that there was a very bright dark minion at the highest floor of that hospital, and many dark minions were running back and forth in the black smoke around that bright one. The CCP former head Mao was on the top of the building on the left side, wearing a gray army uniform, with bloody red collar plates and a hat pin. He was directing a trooper, who also wore the gray uniform, held a bloody flag, and shouted loudly. I sent out strong righteous thoughts, and those evil beings were all gone immediately. Because we disciples have been sending forth righteous thoughts diligently, the evil has been greatly eliminated and almost nothing is left. There are no more kidney sources in that hospital.

Two Falun Dafa practitioners have been tortured to death in the prison recently. That prison was a very evil den, where practitioners were being tortured brutally every day. We disciples sent forth righteous thoughts aiming at that prison. The scene I saw in the other dimension of that prison shocked me. Dark minions occupied the whole prison, and the space on top of the prison was packed with dark minions. This is another evil den in Jinzhou City. The largest dark minion saw us Falun Dafa practitioners approach by looking from high above. It directed all the dark minions to attack us, and it interfered with us sending forth righteous thoughts. We sent forth strong righteous thoughts together as a group and disintegrated that largest dark minion and those around it plus the rotten ghosts and CCP evil specters. We eliminated a large quantity of evil factors, and there was only some dark smoke left. Because our fellow disciples continued to send forth righteous thoughts as a group at a close distance, the other dimension of that prison is now clear and clean.

The purpose of writing this article is help those fellow practitioners who have not paid enough attention to sending forth righteous thoughts to start taking this matter seriously.