(Clearwisdom.net) Agents from the Yantai City 610 Office in Shandong Province and from several police departments recently began arresting many Falun Dafa practitioners. Reviews and investigations into previously published incidents lead us to conclude that this round of arrests is a premeditated action. These arrests by 610 Office agents and police are taking place in Yantai City, Weifang, Weihai, Rongcheng, Jiaozhou, Longkou, Mouping and other counties, cities and districts.

Beginning September 27, 2006, the Yantai City Radio and TV Newspaper in Shandong Province published a series of articles containing much Dafa-slandering content. The paper advertised rewards to encourage people to read the series. Wang Bo and others from Mouping City gathered about 300 collaborators from various parts of the country, and held a "Chinese Acupuncture and Health Forum" on the second floor of the Yingerle Hotel in Yantai City. They deceived some Dafa practitioners into attending the conference, and tried to spread their twisted theories and interfere with Dafa.

The above-mentioned arrests in Yantai City, Weifang, Weihai, Rongcheng, Jiaozhou, Longkou, Mouping and other counties, cities and districts happened almost at the same time on October 15, 2006. The persecutors destroyed many Dafa truth-clarification materials production sites. Numerous practitioners were illegally arrested at 7:00 p.m. on October 15. Several plainclothes officers arrested practitioners Zhang Shufeng and Cao Caifeng at Zhang Shufeng's home and took them to Fenghuangtai Police Station. Dafa practitioners Sun Min, his wife Chen Liqing and another practitioner surnamed Wang from Yangjiataizi in the Development District were secretly arrested. Participating in this arrest were several officers from the development district's National Security Bureau. Because the police feared exposure of their crimes, none of them wore uniforms during the arrests. They quietly took Dafa practitioners' belongings, including computers, printers and CD burners. Practitioners Li Zegang, Chen Qiwei, Yu Yonglan and others were also arrested that same evening. Practitioner Li Xuebin from Laishan District was arrested at work. Arresting agents were officers from the Binhai Road Police Station. His wife, Dafa practitioner Luo Yunyan and their five-year-old daughter Tong Tong, were arrested at their home. Tong Tong cried all night.

It has been learned that the 610 Office has rented out the Binhai Hotel in the Wanguang Neighborhood Area, Laishan District, Yantai City, and is using it to hold some of the arrested Dafa practitioners. Many practitioners held at the hotel were transferred out one morning several days ago, and their current whereabouts are unknown. Chinese Communist Party officials are still inside the hotel. We don't know whether any Dafa practitioners are still held there. Some other practitioners are being held in Zhaoyuan, and we presume they are detained at the Linglong Brainwashing Center in Zhaoyuan. We are probing into further details.

It was also learned that special agent Wang Yaoqing, who has been exposed overseas, has left Zhaoyuan and gone to northeast China. One older Dafa practitioner who once let Wang Yaoqing stay at her home was arrested.

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