(Clearwisdom.net) The persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners during the past six years at the Liulitun Street Office, in conjunction with personnel from the 610 Office, resulted in two cases of abnormal death and one of severe disability. Dozens of people were illegally detained, sent to forced labor camps, sentenced to prison terms, or sent to brainwashing classes or mental hospitals for torture.

Ms. Xixiulan was one of those who was unlawfully detained nine times. Mr. Zhang Junfeng was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Ms. Wang Shuying was sentenced to seven years in a forced labor camp, Ms. Ma Guiying to one-and a-half years, and Ms. Su Wei to two years. These are only what we know right now.

Those who actually, personally participated in persecuting practitioners were Street Office Armed Section Head Wang Chunru, Party Secretary Yang Deqin. Worker's Commission Office Head (previously the head of the 610 Office) Zhang Xiaojie, female, staff worker Zhang Fu, Party deputy secretary Gao, police officer Shen Zhuo, and current 610 Office Head Wang Fenghua. Wang Chunru is the "number one" local thug. As the previous head of the 610 Office, since 2000 this person has participated in all persecutory acts against local practitioners.

Details of the persecution

Around 2000, Liulitun Street Office Party members illegally arrested practitioner Ms. Zhou Liying. Trying to escape, Ms. Zhou Liying jumped off of a balcony. They later sent her, along with practitioner Ma Guiying, to the Beijing Law Training Center for brainwashing. Ms. Zhou could not return home and moved from place to place with her son. This was five years ago, and the mother and son's whereabouts are unknown.

In the evening on May 24, 2001, Liulitun Police Station officer Chen Bo, together with 610 Office personnel, carried Ma Guiying and Ms. Zhou Liying downstairs from their residences and took them to a brainwashing center. At the same time, Officer Wu used similar violence to carry practitioners Ms. Jia Yuhua and Mr. Liu Zhenhua from their places of residence and put them into police cars. Mr. Liu's mother-in-law was in the hospital for emergency treatment and needed her son by her side. At 4:00 a.m. on May 28, these four practitioners were again put into a police vehicle and driven away from a local brainwashing center.

On March 3, 2003, Communist party members from that Liulitun Street Office arrested practitioner Mr. Zhang Junfeng and his wife, Xu Junying. They even tried to arrest their daughter-in-law, Song Hui, who was pregnant. Under stress from threats and persecution Song Hui had a miscarriage. Mr. Zhang, 68, was later sentenced to 15 years. Ms. Xu Junying had a heart attack after being arrested and persecuted. Police hospital personnel notified the family of her critical illnesses and extorted medical costs but refused to release her. Their son was originally a railroad police officer. He suffered "guilt by association" and was removed from his position. He was transferred to guarding storage, and his salary was reduced by half. They also sent monitors to Mr. Zhang's home. At present, the family is still under surveillance.

In September 2003, the authorities arrested practitioner Ms. Han Jingui. They clearly knew that she had high blood pressure, yet they still tied her to a chair on the second floor of the street office. Later they sent her to the Balizhuang Mental Hospital for so-called treatment. After she was released, they sent people to monitor her and threatened her family. Because of the tortures she suffered in the mental hospital, Ms. Han Jingui suffered a brain hemorrhage and was sent to the Chaoyang Hospital for emergency treatment. She is still paralyzed and bedridden. She cannot speak and exits in a vegetative state.

In September 2003, Liulitun Street Office Party agents arrested practitioner Ms. Su Wei. Ms. Su was sentenced to two years of forced labor. Beijing Women's Labor Camp No.5 Division Head Chen and others used all kinds of methods to torture her, including not allowing her normal sleep for seven months, forcing her to stand facing a wall and stretching her arms horizontally, forbidding her toilet use, leading to incontinence, not allowing her to wash her face for three months, and no baths for six months. She consequently smelled bad, which humiliated her in front of her cellmates. Due to prolonged standing, blood pooled in Ms. Su's legs, and she had severe swelling in her feet and legs. The swelling extended to her stomach. Previously she wore size 36 shoes, but after the swelling she could not even wear shoes size 38. The swelling extended to her whole body, with the skin turning purple and black. The skin looked opaque and a small scratch with a fingernail could cause bleeding. Ms. Su Wei could not stand properly and often fell down. Gradually she became confused, whispering to herself, not understanding what she was saying herself. Even after her release Ms. Su is still under surveillance.

They arrested and sent practitioner Mr. Ning Peifu to a labor camp. After all kinds of tortures Ning Peifu's leukemia recurred and he passed away in early 2004.

Liulitun practitioner Ms. Zhang Jinfeng was unlawfully arrested on January 25, 2005. Agents from the Communist regime held a secret trial and sentenced her to five years in prison. By February 4 she had already sent to the Beijing Daxing Women's Prison. Before this, Ms. Zhang had appealed to a higher court, which was allowed by law, but her appeal was unreasonably rejected. During this whole legal farce and even after she was sent off to prison, none of the legal authorities notified Ms. Zhang's family.

In September 2005, the Party members again arrested practitioners Ms. Chen Fenghua and Ms. Xi Xiulan and detained them in the Chaoyang Police Department. Ms. Chen was released due to high blood pressure. After her release she was still threatened and monitored. Ms Xi's whereabouts are unknown.

Wang Chunru utilized his power to repeatedly and arbitrarily attack and retaliate against practitioners and their families. He once called practitioner Ms. Wang Shuying's husband, Hou, and ordered him to "cooperate" with their work to "reform" Ms. Wang. Mr. Hou refused this unreasonable request. Wang Chunru then harbored resentment. On the day of Wang Shuying's daughter's wedding, he arranged for police vehicles and large numbers of police officers to arrest Ms. Wang Shuying. She was then sentenced to seven years in prison, the longest prison term among local practitioners.

During the past six years, Ms. Jin Yaxian, Ms. Ma Guiying, Mr. Liu Dahua, and many other practitioners from the Liulitun Street area have been unlawfully detained, sent to forced labor, or sentenced to prison terms. According to a former deputy secretary named Li Jing there were over a dozen of them. Among them, Mr. Liu Dahua was sent to forced labor for two years. More details about the number of practitioners persecuted are under further investigation.

Contact information:

Liulitun Street Office, Chaoyang District
Armed Section Head Wang Chunru, Party Secretary Yang Deqin: 86-10-65072970
Wang Chunru: 86-10-65013243
Liulitun Police Station: 86-10-85817657, 86-10-85817659
Deputy Station Head Ren Jianjun, police ID number 032942
Political Commissar Yuan Lianzhong, police ID number 034024
Police officer Shen Zhuo: 86-139-11509040 (this police officer persecuted Zhang Junfeng's whole family and repeatedly arrested Xi Xiulan)