Teacher said in "Rationality,"

"Validate the Fa with rationality, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and save people with mercy."

During my two years in detention, in following Teacher's requirements, I wrote many articles, such as letters to my family, letters of appeal to the government, statements declaring the reasons for my hunger strike, letters of disclosure and others. Some were written to expose the evil and others to suppress the evil.

In the detention center, all the inmates said it was useless for me to appeal my sentence, because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) never acknowledges making any mistake, and drawing attention to oneself by appealing for one's rights is only "asking for trouble." However, I didn't listen to them. I refused to accept being unjustly sent to a forced labor camp.

In my first appeal application I denied the crime that the Forced Labor Camp Committee had fabricated to frame me. They called it "disturbing social order and resisting law enforcement." I told them that telling people about Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is my constitutional right and that it is against the constitution to put people in jail because of their thoughts. In the end, I reasoned for Falun Dafa and practitioners by writing, "Falun Dafa is a righteous way," and "Truthfulness - Compassion - Forbearance brings hundreds of benefits and no harm to society." Throwing Falun Dafa practitioners into jail is like throwing gold into a sand dune. Gold will always remain gold; it is not something jail can alter. Such unjust sentencing does nothing but show the absolute cruelty of the CCP."

A month later, I was informed that the original decision would stand. I refused to accept this judgment and immediately started an administrative appeal to the Forced Labor Camp Committee. In the suit I stated that the sentence was "extremely unjust and contrary to the facts." I don't know if the guards ever sent in my statement or if the courts received it and then rejected it, because I did not receive any response to my action.

Although I did not receive any official response, the process fully confirmed what Teacher said in "Look at Things with Righteous Thoughts,"

"The group of evil political scoundrels has never followed the law in dealing with Dafa disciples..."

During the process, I not only defended my own rights, but also validated the Fa, and exposed the evil. At the same time, my actions let people around me know that the persecution is illegal according to Chinese law. I clearly pointed out the true source of the evil, as we need to deny the evil old forces fundamentally.

Once when I proved that the CCP-touted phrase of "dealing according to the law" is a lie and a farce, I was handcuffed and sent to a forced labor camp. I didn't let them get off so easily. I asked the labor camp guards to find out what the courts decided about my lawsuit. At the same time, I wrote to the Political and Judiciary Committee of Beijing City and the Procuratorate of Beijing City. The labor camp guards who claimed to handle things according to the law were put in a difficult position. I did not acknowledge the accusations against me because I hadn't done anything wrong, and I hadn't hurt anyone. I have freedom of belief and it is not a crime to cultivate oneself by following the teachings of Falun Dafa. Because I saw what the CCP was doing very clearly, their efforts to transform me were fruitless.

While detained in the labor camp, I penned three administrative appeals. The third one was written in July 2003. Because I refused to give up my practice, the evil extended my term in the labor camp by ten months in the name of "refusing to transform." After the decision was announced, I was transferred from the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp to the Tiantanghe Female Forced Labor Camp. Following legal procedures, I first wrote an application for reconsideration of my sentence. Three months later, I was informed that the original decision would stand. I then wrote an administrative suit. In the suit, I stated that Falun Dafa is righteous, that extending my term was vindictive on the part of the government, and that the government's actions were a form of terrorism. I paid an 80 yuan court fee to submit my case. At first I thought I would have the opportunity to face the Forced Labor Camp Committee in court, but after several days, the court informed me of their refusal to accept my case, and my money was returned to me. The head of the administrative sector tried to threaten me by saying that the courts had made a final decision, and I would be held responsible if I tried to sue again.

The evil may appear to be foreboding, but it is very weak if our own deeds are righteous. The Jiang regime decided to persecute Falun Dafa, but I didn't accept this arrangement. After I understood things, I used the situation to clarify the truth and further suppress the evil.

Tribulations may look huge, but as long as we firmly believe in the Fa and have righteous thoughts, Teacher will inspire our wisdom and increase our abilities so that we can pass tribulations in a dignified manner. When we follow the Fa and have no fear of the evil, the evil will start to fear us.