(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Cheng Xueshan was a 64-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner from Tongjiang City, Heilongjiang Province. On April 9, 2005, while distributing truth-clarifying materials in Nongqiao Town, Fuyuan County, he was arrested by Zhang Sidong and other policemen from the Political Security Division of the Fuyuan Police Department. Three days later, Mr. Cheng died due to the brutal torture he experienced at their hands. The police tightly guarded the hospital mortuary, and did not allow Cheng Xueshan's family members to see or pick up his body.

According to one doctor who works in the hospital, Cheng Xueshan was already dead when carried into the hospital.

Cheng Xueshan was once illegally detained for more than 6 months in Jiamusi Labor Camp. In winter 2002, because of the lengthy torture he endured, he could not eat and he would vomit whenever he ate anything. The police claimed that Mr. Cheng was on a hunger strike, so they deprived him of sleep and put him in a reinforced room. Both his hands were handcuffed and attached to the ground. He was then forced to sit for a whole week on the cold concrete ground. As a result, both his hands became numb. He could not take care of himself and his entire body was swollen. According to witnesses, the Jiamusi Labor Camp almost tortured Cheng Xueshan to death.

Since the persecution of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999, the Fuyuan County Police Department Political Security Division Director, Zhang Sidong, and other policemen have persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners in many ways. Their brutal and illegal methods have included forcing practitioners' workplaces to guarantee they will not practice, implicating family members, charging illegal fines or ransoms, enticing and threatening, and luring with financial interest. In addition, they have tapped practitioners' telephones, subjected them to video-surveillance (according to the police, there were 16 bugged phone lines and 5 monitors for video-recording), monitoring traffic, putting practitioners' photos on the internet, confiscating family members' property, illegal detention and torture, and illegal sentencing to labor camps.

Zhang Sidong has illegally arrested about 100 practitioners both in the local area and other regions. He has also sent nearly 30 practitioners to labor camps, and forced many practitioners to become homeless as they try to avoid arrest and harassment. Since October 2004, Zhang has illegally ransacked more than 10 practitioners' home and has abducted 5 practitioners.

Contact information of personnel who hold responsibility for the persecution:

Zhang Sidong, Director of Political Security Division of the Police Department, 86-454-2135110 x5972 (Office), 86-454-2131008 (Home)

Zhang Shuyi, of Political Security Division, 86-454-2135110 x5972 (Office), 86-454-2133089 (Home), 86-13945494193 (Cell phone)

Chai Jinlin, Political Security Division, 86-454-2132432 (Home)

Guo Jishan, Political Security Division, 86-454-2133402 (Home)

Bu Yanqing, Secretary of Political and Judicial Committee (610 Office), 86-454-2132859 (Office), 86-454-2131861 (Home), 86-13349545333 (Cell)

Cao Yinlong, Deputy Secretary of Political and Judicial Committee, 86-454-2132850 (Office), 86-454-2134960 (Home), 86-13836670963 (Cell)

Liu Junli, Deputy Secretary of Political and Judicial Committee, 86-454-2132850 (Office), 86-454-2134277 (Home), 86-13039619188 (Cell)

Guo Zifeng, Director of General Management, 86-454-2132689 (Office), 86-454-2133909 (Home), 86-13091643909 (Cell)

Wang Guanghua, Director, Police Department, 86-454-2132538 (Office), 86-454-2131109 (Home), 86-13945400687 (Cell)

Li Guangchun, Deputy Director, Police Department, 86-454-2131029 (Office), 86-454-2133481 (Home), 86-13945430728 (Cell)

Xu Ruixin, Deputy Director, Police Department, 86-454-2134439 (Office), 86-454-2131948 (Home), 86-13845488777 (Cell)

Wang Shaobo, Deputy Director, Police Department, 86-454-2132465 (Office), 86-454-2131290 (Home), 86-13845485432 (Cell)

Jiang Hongtai, Deputy Director, Police Department, 86-454-2132464 (Office), 86-454-2133695 (Home), 86-13845488555 (Cell)

Detention Center, 86-454-2132428

The Criminal Police Division, 86-454-2135110 x5928, 86-454-2131710; Detention Center, 86-454-2132428; 110 Center (police), 86-454-2131030; Political Division, 86-454-2132454; Discipline Division, 86-454-2135395; Office on Duty, 86-454-2132570, 86-454-2132657; Division Head, 86-454-2131324, Political Head, 86-454-2132381, general office, 86-454-2138625

Li Wenzhong, Director of Security Bureau, 86-454-2137876 (Office), 86-454-2132707 (Home), 86-13904540707 (Cell)

Wang Likun, Deputy Director of Security Bureau, 86-454-2132876 (Office), 86-454-2138333 (Home), 86-13845485719 (Cell)

Yang Xueli, Deputy Director of Security Bureau, 86-454-2132876 (Office), 86-454-2121666 (Home), 86-1309619333 (Cell)

Jiang Xide, Political Head of Zhengyang Police Station, 86-454-2131535 (Office), 86-454-2133612 (Home)

Li Tie, Political Head of Yanjiang Police Station, 86-454-2136546 (Office), 86-454-2133774 (Home)

Jing Yuanjie, Head of Fuyuan County, 86-454-2133116 (Office), 86-13512655666 (Cell)

Zhang Qingyan, Deputy Head of Fuyuan County, 86-454-2138669 (Office), 86-454-2136383 (Home), 86-13604698567 (Cell)

Wang Juzheng, Assistant Head of Fuyuan County, 86-454-2132786 (Office), 86-454-2136991 (Home), 86-13836671111 (Home)