(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Sun Lihong is a Falun Dafa practitioner from the Yanbian area in Jilin Province. In April 2003, she publicly removed a slogan defaming Falun Dafa that officers from the Longjing City 610 Office had posted on a telephone pole. The next day the police re-posted a slogan in the same spot. Ms. Sun again went there and publicly tore it down. Officers hidden nearby arrested her soon afterwards. She was dragged to the "110" police emergency response squad in Longjing City, and her home was ransacked.

Ms. Sun's elderly father was terribly frightened when police ransacked their home. When he learned that his daughter had been arrested again, he was not able to eat anymore. At night, he lay in bed with his eyes wide open staring at the door, hoping his daughter would come home.

However the "110" police held Ms. Sun in custody and deprived her of sleep, food, and water for seven days. Officers from the Political Security Section, the local police station, and the 610 Office took turns interrogating her. They slapped and kicked her, but to no avail; she steadfastly refused to renounce Falun Dafa. The lawless officials framed her in order to sentence her to forced labor, declaring that this frame-up was a result of her defiance.

Ms. Sun Lihong refused to sign the documents sentencing her to forced labor. She was nonetheless illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor. Her father soon died under the extreme mental stress.

Relevant telephone numbers:
Country code: 86, area code: 433
Postal code for Longjing City: 133400
Organizations involved in the persecution:
Longjing City 610 Office
Political Security Section of the Longjing City Police Department
Longjing City "110" Police
Officials who directly participated in the persecution of Ms. Sun Lihong:
Xu Dunyi, Party Secretary of the Lingjing City 610 Office: 3223757 (office), 3221356 (home)
Xu Zhenghao, Deputy Party Secretary of the 610 Office: 3223757 (office), 3253446 (home)
Zhao Honglei, deputy head of the Longjing City Police Department: 3226713 (office), 3226714 (office), 3220647 (home)
Jiang Yingfang, head of the Political Security Section of the police department: 3223843 (office), 3225834 (home)

January 5, 2005