Facts of the Persecution

1. Dafa disciple Mr. Song Shubao is cruelly persecuted in the Wangcun Labor Camp

Dafa disciple Mr. Song Shubao, from Dingjiazhuang Village of Daigu Town in Mengyin County, Shandong Province, is now 50 years old. He and his parents, who are almost eighty years old, depend on each other for their survival. On the morning of October 28, 2004 (in the Chinese Year), Tan Peitao, director of the Police Station of Daigu Town, and his policemen arrested Mr. Song. After being detained in the county's detention center for one month, he was sent to the Wangcun Labor Camp of Zibo City. His parents are deeply worried about their son's safety and can hardly eat from their anxiety.


2. Mr. Zhai Shanyong became a good person but was arrested and sent to a labor camp.

Mr. Zhai Shanyong, from Beita Village of Zaoyuan Town at Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province, used to live a reckless life. After studying Dafa, he became nice to everyone, and those around him praised his change. In November (of Chinese Calendar) of 1999, he was detained because he clarified the truth about the persecution. After he was freed, the police broke into his home many times, disturbing him and his family. They monitored his phone and watched his house. On the evening of October 19, 2004, the local police again arrested Mr. Zhai. After that, the Police Station of Zaoyuan Town extorted money from him, and then he was arrested and taken to the Wangcun Labor Camp. It was said that he was tortured so severely that he needed to be hospitalized.


3. The Xinhua Labor Camp in Sichuan Province covers up its persecution of Falun Gong practitioners

In the middle of October 2002, a person named Xie, who was a section chief in the 610 Office of Nanbu County of Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, and policemen from the Wangjiaqu Police Station together coaxed Dafa disciple Mr. Zhang Xiaolin into going back to Nanbu County from Huarong of Guang'an County, Sichuan Province. Once he was there, they detained him and, after 6 months, sentenced him to one and a half years in a forced labor camp. They put him in the Xinhua Labor Camp of Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. Policemen from the 3rd brigade of the 6th team in Xinhua Labor Camp ordered Kang Dajun to prick him with toothpicks on his legs and buttocks, and also asked him to stand or squat for a long time as punishment. Wang Ming forced Mr. Zhang to sign the three statements. In July and August of 2003, Mr. Zhang had blood in his stool. In October of 2003, the Camp had to allow him to go to Mianyang City's hospital to have surgery.


4. Dafa disciple Ms. Wang Xiuyun, from Jilin City, was persecuted at the Heizuizi Labor Camp.

Dafa disciple Ms. Wang Xiuyun, from Jilin City, Jilin Province was illegally arrested on February 9, 2004, and was detained in the 3rd Detention Center of Jilin City. Twenty-two days later, she was sent to Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp, Jilin Province for one year. The camp sent her to forced brainwashing, and policemen forcibly injected her with unknown drugs. They used electric batons to shock her and asked prisoners to beat her. Ms. Wang went on a hunger strike to protest and was force-fed. She was given infusions of an unknown drug. She went on a hunger strike for more than 40 days. On December 31, 2004, her condition became so serious that she was released on bail for medical treatment.


5. Officials persecuted Dafa disciples in Xiao County, Anhui Province

Staff members from the 610 Office and National Security Brigade of the police department of Xiao County, Anhui Province, have taken part in searching and arresting Dafa disciples many times. They illegally sent six people to a labor camp and aided the 610 offices from other places to arrest, put in jail and sentence several Dafa disciples. In November 2004, some Dafa disciples from Dulou Town of Xiao County, Anhui Province, distributed truth-clarifying flyers in more than ten villages. The 610 Office and the Police Department of Xiao County organized a special "11.23" investigation group and detained nine people. The authorities had six of them arrested. The arrested Dafa disciples include Meng Jie (also known as Meng Fanhai), Meng Xiangmin, Meng Fanhui, Meng Fanzhuo, Chen Xingling and others. These Dafa disciples have been detained in Xiao County's Detention Center for more than three months. It was reported that the 610 Office planned to sentence these Dafa disciples to jail or forced labor camp.