(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Ms. Ge Ling is a pharmacist at the Yongxiu County Chinese Medicine Hospital in Jiangxi Province. She was sent to a forced labor camp for the second time for persisting in her belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Her first labor camp sentence was at the Majialong Labor Camp in Jiujiang City, where she was brutally tortured. After her release, Ge Ling was resting and recovering at home on December 6, 2004 when a police officer called her and found out she was home. Tu Zhangliang led a group of police officers to ransack Ge Ling's home, showing no official warrant for the intrusion. They abducted Ge Ling and took away Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books.

Ge Ling was held at the Yongxiu County Police Department for 15 days. The police slapped her until her mouth bled, and she was handcuffed and shackled at night so that she could not move. She was force-fed concentrated salt water and the force-feeding caused her to have a fever. The police forbid family visits in order to block information from getting out.

Ge Ling was sentenced to two years of forced labor and sent to the Majialong Forced Labor Camp. She held a hunger strike that has lasted for over a month to protest the persecution. The labor camp guards force-fed her through her nose and her nose has festered from a bacterial infection. Although she is extremely weak, the guards ordered inmates to attack and torture her. They deprived her of sleep for two days. The inmates pulled out one of her front teeth and pulled loose three others, and they broke one of her molars. The inmates also used extremely vile language to insult Ge Ling. She is suffering extreme pain, and she is on the brink of death.

A kind-hearted Chinese woman is brutally persecuted for persisting in practicing Falun Gong and being a good person according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance during the so-called "best human rights period in China's history."

Majialong Forced Labor Camp in Jiangxi Province

Division 1: 86-792-6960722 (office)
Lv Zhankui: currently head of the Education Section
Xu Lijian: division head
Luo: guard
Division 2
Deng Chengsong: deputy division head, 86-13607927933 (Cell)
Tian Bengui: political head
Song Wengang: guard, 86-13037275355 (Cell), 86-792-8238044 (Home)
Zhou Jing: 86-792-8232943