(Clearwisdom.net) On April 5, 2005, the 2005 Baishatun Culture and Art Festival was held in front of the Mazu Temple. The festival organization invited the Falun Gong practitioners' waist drum troupe to participate. Their performance was arranged to be the first on the program. The rousing waist drum troupe performance opened the culture and art festival.

The waist drum troupe, which has a rich cultural background, brought people something new and fresh. To the music of "Falun Dafa is Good," the performance brought the blessings of Falun Dafa to the local residents. Practitioners distributed Falun Dafa introductory flyers to people along the way to the Gongtiangong Temple, which allowed more people to learn about the beauty of Falun Dafa.

Local residents who watched the performance all said, "It's so wonderful that the host organization is able to invite such a grand waist drum troupe! It is so great!" When the procession arrived at the Gongtiangong Temple, practitioners gave a performance entitled, "Invincible Might of Drum Music." Their movements were uniform and their performance won applause from the entire audience. The festival organizers were extremely happy and kept expressing thanks to the practitioners, ensuring them that they will be invited to attend again next time.

The brightest procession

Winning a silk banner with words, "Outstanding skills"

Falun images caught by camera

People warmly welcome the practitioners' troupe

Practitioners in Miaoli formed the waist drum troupe about four months ago. About eighty practitioners, including teenagers and people in their 70s, joined the troupe. At the beginning, they first learned the basic movements and then practiced on their own at home. On weekends, they practiced together. Some of the older practitioners at first did not have much of an idea about musical rhythms. Mr. Su is one of them. For a long period of time, he was unable to perform the very basic movements. It was even harder for him to follow the rhythm. He felt discouraged each time at practice and wanted to give it up. However, fellow practitioners phoned him and encouraged him and he also decided to double his efforts. He believed that his diligent work could make up the lack of natural ability. Now, he is one of those performers whose basic movements are most solid. In addition, he has attended every group practice. His courage and perseverance are really admirable. The practitioners all expressed that the reason they overcame all kinds of difficulties to learn to play the waist drum is that they hope that by means of their performances, they will allow more people to learn about Falun Dafa and benefit from the practice.