(Clearwisdom.net) After the persecution of Falun Gong started in 1999, my father was seriously misled and adversely influenced by the propaganda and lies from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In addition, he was afraid that his family would be persecuted, so he started to oppose Falun Gong and said a lot of disrespectful words against Falun Gong and Teacher. Whenever someone mentioned Falun Gong to him, he became very angry and resentful, and would not listen to the truth. At the same time his disrespectful words against Falun Gong were getting worse. In order avoid pushing him to commit greater sins against Falun Gong, I stopped my efforts in clarifying the truth to him and simply hoped that he would disparage Falun Gong and Teacher less. This event in fact revealed some of my attachments, and revealed that my righteous thoughts were not strong enough.

After publication of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party", in my mind I developed another hope of saving my father. I read the Nine Commentaries one by one to my father. I started reading "On What the Communist Party Is," "On the Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party" and "On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture" to him, and then read "On the Tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party," "On the Chinese Communist Party's History of Killing," and "On the Unscrupulous Nature of the Chinese Communist Party." I used these commentaries to help my father fully recognize the evil nature of the party.

My father completely agreed with the contents in the Nine Commentaries by associating with what he personally had heard, seen and experienced under CCP rule. He considered that Nine Commentaries gives a truthful and systematical evaluation of the party. I then read "On How the Communist Party Is an Anti-Universe Force" and "On How the Chinese Communist Party Is an Evil Cult" to him to deepen his understanding of the manifestations of the CCP's evil nature in other dimensions. Because my father accepted and agreed with the first several commentaries, he developed a more sober understanding of the CCP, and he could then accept the later commentaries without much resistance. In the end, he realized that I had not read all the commentaries to him. I gave my father all the documents and audio files and let him listen to and read the commentary I skipped, "On the Collusion of Jiang Zemin with the CCP to Persecute Falun Gong."

After my father read the truth of the persecution on Falun Gong this time, he was silent and did not say any disrespectful words about Falun Gong. I witnessed the changes in my father and realized that his mind experienced a huge shock. I used this opportunity to tell him the truth of the self-immolation and other facts of the persecution. He did not interrupt and took in all my words. In the end, my father told me that persecuting Falun Gong is wrong.

I then took a deep and long breath, and I knew that the Nine Commentaries had given my father another opportunity in his life. My father now not only fully recognizes the evil nature of the CCP, but he has also developed righteous thoughts toward Falun Gong. Although I did not do a good job in clarifying the truth to my family, our merciful Teacher still provided opportunities to be saved to all the sentient beings. The Nine Commentaries can fundamentally eliminate from the roots the poisonous elements that the evil CCP has imputed to sentient beings, therefore when the evil elements are further cleaned up, it becomes easier for all the sentient beings to understand and listen to the truth.

I utilized the combination of my own conditions and the understanding of my father's personality and then read the Nine Commentaries to him to help him learn the truth which will eventually save him. I share this experience to hopefully provide some references, not recommendations, to other practitioners' truth clarification. I simply would like to use this experience to mutually encourage others to clarify the truth with more wisdom. Please correct me with compassion if there is anything that is not well-reasoned.