To the Israel Fa Conference

Greetings to the Dafa disciples of Israel and those attending the conference!

Dafa disciples' Fa-conferences are the Dafa disciples' environment in ordinary human society in which to learn from each other. Owing to the fact that so much time is spent amidst the reality of ordinary human society, the time Dafa disciples have together is all the more precious, and Dafa disciples' Fa-conferences are furthermore an excellent opportunity for Dafa disciples to come together and improve as a whole. Master is confident that through this experience sharing conference you will be enriched, and I would like to wish the Fa-conference success. I hope that you will do well the three tasks, just as I hope that you will walk well, with righteous thoughts and actions, the path of cultivation.

Li Hongzhi
December 3, 2005

Last updated: December 4, 2005.

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