A Reply to the Dafa Disciples of Peru

Dear Dafa disciples of Peru:

I have received your letter. You've been working hard, and I am fully aware of your situation.

Dafa disciples' cultivation is done among ordinary people, and this is something never done before in history. If you each travel well your respective paths there are bound to be difficulties, and going forward to meet those difficulties head-on is for the sake of validating Dafa, saving all beings, doing away with the old forces' arrangements, and countering the persecution. The cultivation done in the past never had these things, and Dafa disciples are the pioneers. That is why in cultivation sometimes you will do well, and sometimes you won't know what to do. When you encounter difficulties, sit down and study the Fa some more, and as long as you are righteous in thought and action, there will be no barrier that you can't pass through.

Your conduct has confirmed that the path Dafa disciples have taken is right, and moreover, that you have traveled it extremely well. With the progress of Fa-rectification everything will change for the better, and Dafa disciples will mature even more fully. I know that the difficulties you face will be resolved with the progression of Fa-rectification and with your maturation and diligent efforts. I hope that you will do even better, for Dafa disciples are the hope of all beings.

Li Hongzhi
December 17, 2005