New York City: Practitioners Rally to Protest Thai Police Violence (Photos)

( At around 10 a.m. on December 16, local practitioners rallied in front of the Thai Consulate in New York to protest Thai police violence against practitioners.

Starting on December 6, Thailand Falun Gong practitioners quietly sat on the sidewalk opposite the Chinese Embassy to Thailand to protest the rape of two women practitioners by Hebei policeman He Xuejian and call for the international community to help stop the brutal persecution happening in China. Since December 9, 2005, Thai police has repeatedly encroached upon local Falun Gong practitioners' human rights under the incitement of the CCP. On December 10, instigated by the Chinese Embassy, Thai police violently interfered with the practitioners' protest in front of the Embassy. On December 14, three practitioners who handed out truth clarification materials were beaten by the Thai police at Pattaya. On December 15, eight practitioners were arrested by Thai police in front of the Chinese Embassy. Later, one practitioner was released, but the other seven practitioners are still being detained at the Immigration Bureau. They have started a hunger strike. The practitioners' human rights have been repeatedly violated.

Australia: Practitioners Deliver Appeal letter to Thai Consulate in Sydney Protesting Unlawful Arrests (Photos)

( At noon on December 16, Sydney practitioners held a press conference in front of the Thai Consulate regarding the recent unlawful arrests of practitioners. John Deller, chairperson of New South Wales Falun Dafa Association, delivered an open letter to the Thai Consul General. The open letter expressed the local practitioners' strong concern over the arrests of eight practitioners who were conducting a peaceful appeal in front of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand. They called on the Thai government not to kowtow to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and act as its accomplice. They demanded the immediate release of all detained practitioners and restoration of the rights of peaceful protest in front of the Chinese Embassy.

New York City: Practitioners Clarify the Truth to the Argentinean Consulate (Photos)

( On December 16, representatives of practitioners in New York went to the Argentinean Consulate to recount the severe assault of practitioners by thugs deployed by the Chinese Embassy to Argentina. Their hope was that the government would investigate the case thoroughly and hold the thugs, as well as the behind-the-scenes perpetrators, accountable.

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