A practitioner reads an open letter in front of the Argentinean Consulate

(Clearwisdom.net) On December 14, when Falun Gong practitioners were protesting the CCP delegation headed by Luo Gan in front of Argentina's Congress, the CCP Embassy sent thugs to assault them. On December 16, some Chicago practitioners went to Argentina's Consulate in Chicago to express their strong concern over the incident and clarified the truth to consulate officials.

On December 14, when Falun Gong practitioners were protesting the CCP delegation headed by Luo Gan in front of Argentina's Congress, the CCP embassy sent thugs to assault them. The thugs also grabbed the practitioners' banners and truth-clarification photo displays. When the incident happened, Luo Gan was about to go to the Congress to meet with Argentina's Vice President. At the time, the Argentine Congress was holding an inauguration ceremony for newly elected parliament and senate members. As a result, there was a very high concentration of news media and other groups at the scene. Some Argentineans tried to stop the violence, but they were assaulted as well and some were injured.

Upon hearing the shocking news, practitioners went to the Argentinean Consulate to protest. In the freezing cold, practitioners displayed a huge banner which read, "Argentina, please bring the thugs who assaulted practitioners to justice!" A representative of the practitioners read an open letter aloud. The letter stated three requests from the practitioners:

  • Investigate the incident and hold the assailants accountable
  • Investigate why the Argentinean police didn't stop the assault
  • Prevent similar cases from happening in the future
  • Practitioners then went inside the consulate and talked with Consul Marianna. The consul said that they had received many faxes and phone calls regarding the assault and understood the seriousness of the case. Practitioners first told her what Falun Gong is and why Falun Gong is so popular around the world. They then told her about the persecution.

    Marianna said that she knew some things about Falun Gong and that it is a very rational and peaceful group.

    Practitioners continued to explain why the CCP would persecute Falun Gong. Due to the evil nature of the CCP, it doesn't allow people to have their own belief and thus desperately persecutes Falun Gong practitioners. Luo Guan is one of the chief culprits of the persecution. During his visit to Argentina, practitioners filed a criminal lawsuit against Luo Gan at the federal court, accusing him of committing crimes of genocide and torture during the persecution campaign against Falun Gong. Judge Octavio accepted the lawsuit on the same day. Luo then resorted to the measures that he used to persecute practitioners in China. Regretfully, Argentina's government allowed the assault to continue without stepping in. We hope that the Argentinean government will hold the assailants accountable and investigate the case thoroughly.

    After hearing the practitioners' statement, the consul promised to send all of the information to the Argentinean government and thanked us for the information.

    Practitioners added that in the past 6 years, all we have been pursuing is a peaceful practice environment, and we don't have any interest in any political power. We also hope that all governments around the world will understand the evil nature of the CCP and thus resist its exportation of violence.

    Most of the practitioners came to the consulate during their lunch break. They said that the desperate madness of the CCP is apparent from the most recent cases, including the rape of women practitioners by a Chinese policeman, the assault of practitioners in Argentina and the harassment of practitioners in Thailand from local police. Our path in resisting the persecution is righteous, and soon the perpetrators of the persecution will face justice.