(Clearwisdom.net) Taipei Jianguo High School had an anniversary on December 10, 2005, which also happened to coincide with International Human Rights Day. The school's Falun Dafa Club, established one year ago, hosted a photo exhibition entitled, "Falun Dafa Practitioners Validating the Fa," to raise public awareness about the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

Viewing the photos
Waiting in line to sign the petition to rescue the Falun Gong orphans in China

Jianguo High School is a leader among high schools in Taiwan. It has 107 years of history and is famous for its liberal teaching atmosphere. Many famous people are among its alumni including Samuel C.C. Ting who won the Nobel Prize, former Chancellor of University of California Berkley Campus Prof. Chang-Lin Tien, and the present Taipei Mayor, Ying Choe Ma.

The Falun Dafa club's exhibit was set up in a prominent place beside the main stage, which turned out to be the most visited place.

On the day of the anniversary celebration, there were all kinds of performances on campus. The whole school was full of happiness and youthful exuberance. The serenity and dignity of the photo exhibit attracted many visitors. The banner next to the booth reminded passersby, "Today is not only the anniversary of Jianguo High School, but it is also International Human Rights Day. When we are enjoying democracy in Taiwan, please don't forget them..."

A group of students passed by and one said, "This is to remind us that there are many people still suffering in this world when we are happy."

A boy from Chengkung High School saw the exhibit and was surprised, "Jianguo High School has such a meaningful club. How come our school doesn't have one?" When he learned that a signature drive was taking place for rescuing the orphans of persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in China, he signed his name without any hesitation.

A teacher came to the booth. The student practitioners told him about how the Communist Party treats Falun Gong practitioners in China. He said that he knew it already. He said he read the news in The Epoch Times a few days ago, in which it was reported that two Hebei Province Falun Gong practitioners were raped by a policeman.

A mother and child came to the booth. After learning about the situation in China, the child asked, "Shall I sign my name to help those orphans being persecuted in China?" The mother returned with a question, "What would you like to do?" The child took the pen and said, "I want to sign." After the child signed the petition, the mother signed her name too.


A student from the Taipei First Girls' High School comes to the exhibition

Exhibit: American Doctor Charles Lee is illegally jailed in China. His fiancée is marching in a parade to protest the persecution.

A teacher who is also a practitioner at Jianguo High School met two teachers, a married couple, whom she hadn't seen for about 20 years. They were very surprised and happy to recognize each other. In their talk, the teacher learned that the couple's son had just entered Jianguo High School and happened to be in her class. Later, they talked about the benefits of practicing Falun Gong. The old friend said, "That explains why your voice has changed. You are so energetic now." The teacher had formerly been weak and got sick easily. She was now over 40 years old, but was much healthier than before. During the several days of the school anniversary, she was very busy, but she was still looked robust and energetic. The couple said that they supported the teachers' and students' effort to protect the human rights of those honest people in China. They said, "You ought to let people know about these things."

The visitors to the exhibit included teachers, parents and students. They believed that this activity was very meaningful and should be widely promoted. Some parents also asked about how to learn the Falun Gong exercises, saying, "The students are under high pressure. They need this kind of peaceful exercise..."

The activity had many good effects. Among the participants from the Falun Dafa Club, many of them were attending this kind of event for the first time. Some of them were shy and didn't know how to initiate conversation with the visitors. However, through the day, they became more and more open and began to take the initiative to introduce the exhibit to visitors.