(Clearwisdom.net) For the past five years, I have run a truth-clarification materials production site at my home and would like to share my experiences. In the past, I have tried several times to write this article, but without success. This time, however, I finished writing it in one try.

A young practitioner and I would first like to take this opportunity to wish Teacher a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Since the evil forces began to persecute Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, I have never experienced any life-and-death tests like other practitioners, or economic predicament owing to losing a job, being illegally fined or forced to leave home to avoid arrest and persecution. Since the materials production site was established, it is like a spring deep in the mountains, quietly running non-stop. During the Mid-Autumn celebration, the only thing I stopped to do was to visit relatives and friends.

I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Teacher and practice the Fa. Also, Teacher has taken such meticulous care of me, I feel really lucky.

1) The Origin of the Materials Production Site

I had never planned on setting up a truth-clarification materials production site at my home. I was already over 60 years old and had retired for many years. Besides, I didn't know anything about computers. Originally, my husband wanted to buy a computer so he could play games on it. I opposed the purchase. After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, like many other practitioners in China, I lost the environment for group Fa-study and exercise. We were unable to read Teacher's new articles. Occasionally, we obtained hand-written ones, but we could not tell if they were genuine or fake. The change in the situation forced me to think about reading articles on the Minghui website.

"What is browsing the Internet?" I asked my family members one day. They laughed at me and replied, "You don't even know about this?" I did not take to heart what my family said and took the initiative to learn how to use the computer on my own. Several fellow practitioners and many everyday people also helped me. I copied down on a notebook all the parts of a computer and instructions of how to turn it on and off. I also bought books on computers to study. Gradually, I was able to read and print articles on the Minghui website. As for important announcements on Minghui, I usually delivered to them to fellow practitioners in person. Unexpectedly, a materials production site came into being under these circumstances.

2) The Help of a Young Practitioner

One fellow practitioner saw in a dream that many baby lambs asked its mom for food. That dream was a hint for us to produce truth-clarification materials and deliver them to as many people and as far away as possible. Some practitioners mentioned that our materials spread to far away places at one stage.

When we began to produce the materials with high efficiency, the evil forces also began blocking overseas websites on a large scale, creating some interference for me when I browsed the Clearwisdom website. Still, that did not set us back. With Teacher's care and arrangement, we obtained software like Ultrascape and Garden that was able to break through the Internet blockade. One of our young practitioners also seemed to have grown up overnight and even became a "master-hand" in networking. With the young practitioner's assistance, our materials production site was able to do much more than it had done in the past. The young practitioner was able to break through the Internet blockade, download all kinds of documents and articles, and then typed and distributed them. The young practitioner could also read in both Chinese and English the explanations on networking. This young practitioner was sent to us by Teacher.

3) The Evil has Never Succeeded

During the past five years, the perpetrators have attempted to sabotage this materials production site, but never succeeded.

I still remember how a police car pulled in front of my house and then several officers broke in. They threatened to take me to the brainwashing center. At that time, I was not clear about the meaning of looking within or how to send forth righteous thoughts. I only knew that I should refuse to go with them. Under Teacher's protection and help of family members, the police's attempt failed. Later, it was learned that the police did not know what I was doing. When they told me, "You are different than the others "and "You are a bit active," they were only threatening me without solid evidence.

Teacher mentioned that Falun Dafa practitioners have supernormal capabilities. Why is that? I enlightened that besides the supernormal powers given by Teacher, the practitioners' wisdom is also opened up. However, the evil's "wisdom" is limited or even sealed off.

4) The "Spirit" of the Computer and the Printer

I have always felt that the computer and printer have their own spirit. For example, once both the computer and printer suddenly did not work properly. I took the computer and printer to get them repaired by professional maintenance workers. However, they were either unable to repair them or I could not find the maintenance personnel. This dragged on for more than ten days. One day, I suddenly enlightened to the fact that it was a hint for me to temporarily leave home. After that, the maintenance worker found the reason why the computer refused to print. The connecting cable linking to the printer was faulty.

I left home after I came to some understandings about the situation and went to other parts of the country. On the third day after I left, the perpetrators forced their way into my home and asked for me. At that time, only an elderly person of 90 years old was at home, so they had to give up.

After this experience, now when I turn on the computer and printer, and if both are working well, then I feel at ease.

Recently, my family suggested that I buy a new computer since the computer I have is old. I declined their offer as my computer and printer still work well and harmoniously, except that they are a bit slow. I came to understand that they are also cultivating and upgrading their level together with me on the path of helping Teacher in Fa-rectification.

5) The Importance of Studying the Fa

Teacher reminds us that we should always study the Fa no matter how busy we get. Here I'd like to talk about my understanding of studying the Fa. Although I am not in the position to say how well I have studied, I never neglect Fa study.

No matter if one practices Falun Dafa or not, everyone always faces the issue of safety and it's impossible to avoid danger. Only when you are in the Fa at all times, can you really be safe.

Then, how can we be in the Fa at all times? Teacher said,

"All of the Gong and Fa lie in the book, and one will naturally obtain them by reading Dafa. Those who learn it will change automatically, and they will already be in the Dao when they read the book over and over again. Teacher will certainly have Law Bodies (fashen) safeguarding them quietly. With perseverance, they will certainly achieve Righteous Attainment in the future." ("Seeking Discipleship with Teacher" from Essentials for Further Advancement)

With Teacher's Law Bodies safeguarding us, what should we be afraid of?

For a long period of time now, I have set a rule for myself that I must read one lecture of Zhuan Falun no matter how busy I am with Dafa projects or everyday work or that I have already studied Teacher's recent articles or lectures. Every time when I finish reading Zhuan Falun, I would write down the date that I began and finished the book. Since 2002, I have studied Zhuan Falun 160 times and am now reading it for the 161st time. I have continued to do this without interruption. The purpose of doing this is to make sure that I do not neglect to study the Fa.

The young practitioner at home also studies the Fa. He usually listens to the Fa before going to bed. During the weekends and on holidays, he would study Zhuan Falun and Teacher's other lectures or articles with us. Sometimes, he recites Teacher's poems from Hong Yin.

For the past five years, regardless of difficulties, the materials production site has come through. We've come to the understanding that persisting in Fa-study is most important, as "The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts."("Drive Out Interference" from Essentials for Further Advancement)

(From The Second Written Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China)