(Clearwisdom.net) Followers of Jiang's regime are striving to employ all economic means in attempting to force Falun Dafa practitioners to give up their beliefs. After suffering severe torture during imprisonment, many practitioners discover upon returning home that their permanent resident registers have been erased and their graduation records and diplomas confiscated. Thus, even with higher education, these practitioners cannot find jobs commensurate with their education and constantly struggle for survival. Without proper identification, the practitioners often suffer discrimination, adding further misfortune to their lives after they suffer so much amidst their imprisonment.

I once felt indignant, distressed and helpless when faced with these circumstances until a friend of mine, who is lawyer, explained to me that as long as the lawsuit deadline (within two years, not counting the time they are being illegally imprisoned) has not passed, practitioners can sue the police stations, asking for the replacement of their registration and identification, and they can even request that their schools reissue proofs of graduation. ID is an important legal document, particularly in China since without permanent residence registration, one can be forced away from one's home. Without requests made by the persons themselves, no one is allowed to transfer or suspend these records. He also told me that he had already helped a practitioner win this type of lawsuit. And afterwards, the police station made appropriate corrections within a few days and his education record was reissued. This Dafa practitioner had graduated from a respected institution, specializing in a field of high demand. He was soon offered new employment with a monthly salary in the four to five thousand yuan range, which not only covered his survival expenses, but also gave him the ability to engage in much work clarifying the truth. On this issue, my friend felt confident and elated in knowing that he could finally fight for the legitimate rights and interests of Dafa practitioners. He instructed me to tell practitioners who have suffered similar treatment to follow suit and sue the police stations in court, for their cases will be accepted and they will win their lawsuits.

Through this, I realized that Dafa practitioners must apply righteous thoughts to deal with unjust treatment, and righteous behavior to eliminate the arrangements of the old forces. Dafa practitioners have the historic mission of aiding Teacher in rectifying the Fa, and so we absolutely must not accommodate persecution. We should instead follow wholeheartedly the righteous way arranged by Teacher, and if the old forces persecute us, we should use the opportunity to clarify the truth and obtain our rights. From the beginning of the persecution, Jiang's regime has deprived the lawyers and others in Mainland China's legal system of their concerns for Falun Gong, effectively suppressing their conscience. We thus need to use every opportunity to clarify the facts and save the sentient beings.