(Clearwisdom.net) To reinforce the information blockade, in 2003 the Radio, Filming & TV Bureau of Guangdong Province began to implement a system to prevent any Falun Gong facts from appearing in any radio or TV broadcasts. To that end, the authorities in the Bureau have pushed the accountability to its various affiliated organizations and forced them to sign guarantee agreements. In addition, they plan to achieve in the first half of this year the goal that "all on-duty broadcasting staff members must pass the training for safe broadcasting and must obtain a certificate for passing the training of 'the Booklet for Safe Broadcasting'." The Radio, Filming & TV Bureau organized some "domain experts" to compile the textbook. The textbook was called "The training textbook for safe broadcasting for on-duty staff" or "the Booklet for Safe Broadcasting." The cover was labeled "For internal distribution only. Do not spread externally," "By Radio, Filming and TV Bureau of Guangdong Province, May of 2004."

The "safety issue" referred in the textbook really implies Falun Gong's tapping into cable TV and radio broadcasts. "In case of such an event, it must be resolved in one minute and reported to the superiors level by level," the textbook says. For example, two special telephone numbers, 86-20-61292772 and 86-20-61292722, have been set up in the Bureau for people to report the incidents; Feng Xizeng, the Associate Director of the Bureau, is in charge of the technology and safety issues; The Associate Director Liu Hongbing is in charge of the programming aspects; and Wang Hui is responsible for security issues.

Right after the "Sino Satellite Incident," the Communist Party authorities demanded every institution not to receive any relay programs from the Sino Satellite. In addition, they strove hard to block any attempts outside Mainland China from transmitting signals into China.

To cover up the crimes it has committed, the Jiang regime has been controlling the media to deceive its citizens and to deprive them of the right to know the truth. The act of Falun Gong practitioners clarifying the facts is actually defending the freedom of speech granted by the Constitution and protecting the basic rights of all Chinese citizens to know the truth.