Dear Editor,

First, my family and I would like to convey our best regards to Teacher Li Hongzhi.

I am just an ordinary Chinese citizen. I remember one day in the year 2001, a man came to my factory to look for work. He seemed like an honest and trustworthy person, so I offered him a job as a janitor. Later, I found out that he was a Falun Dafa practitioner who had been driven away from home because of Jiang's persecution. I then let him work in the Receiving area, where his accommodation was also taken care of. Once, while distributing materials exposing Jiang's persecution, someone reported him to the authorities. The village chief security officer and a member of the local police came and questioned me to find out if that man was just an employee or a relative of mine. If he was an employee, they would take him away. I quickly replied that he was a relative of mine. Following the incident, I arranged a safer place for him to stay for a few days. He worked for me for two more years, until 2003, when he finally left us. For just that little thing I did, Teacher protected me in an accident and saved my life.

It was December 31, 2003. That evening, I had a few more drinks than usual, and was heavily intoxicated. While driving home, I lost control on the highway. I saw a big truck coming towards me. Seeing that I was about to be hit, I called out Teacher Li's name. At that very moment, a force pushed my car off the road, and the car rolled over and fell into the gutter, while I was thrown through the windshield. Most amazingly, apart from a scratch on the face, I was not hurt. The car was also in good shape except that the windscreen was broken. Some eyewitnesses told me afterwards, "You must have nine lives. If it was someone else, the car would be completely destroyed, and the person would have been dead." To add to my fortune, my financial situation has also been improving daily.

I would like to tell those people who are still persecuting practitioners, that this is a true story. Whoever has treated Falun Dafa practitioners well will be rewarded, and whoever has persecuted them will be punished.

I remember a quote from the book Journey to the West, which says, "When a righteous thought is generated from a person, it is known all over heaven and earth. Hence, if the good is not rewarded, and the bad not punished, then the cosmos must have harbored selfishness." Let's all work together to help end this persecution against Falun Dafa.