With the enormous current of Fa-rectification charging forward, large groups of new and veteran Dafa practitioners have stepped forward to join the progress of the Fa-rectification in Shenyang City area. When the atrocities committed by the Longshan Labor Camp in Shenyang against Dafa practitioner Gao Rongrong were publicized, both new and veteran Dafa practitioners stepped forward, adopting every available means to expose the heinous activity taking place at the Longshan Labor Camp. At the same time, many practitioners focused on sending forth righteous thoughts to clear away evil factors behind the persecution in other dimensions.

Encouragingly, through this process many veteran practitioners who had not stepped forward for a very long time under the evil persecution rejoined the endeavor of Fa-rectification. A practitioner went to the First Affiliated College of the Shenyang Medical University to send righteous thoughts to support practitioner Gao Rongrong. In the course of just one hour, this practitioner met many new and veteran practitioners who had not been seen for many years. Some of them had been striving diligently to validate the Fa, some had not been doing well and had not stepped forward until now. This phenomenon demonstrates the progress of the Fa-rectification, as well as the power of Dafa, and the power of working together.

Even though the evil is still quite rampant, as a group practitioners have become more mature. They are more aware of their responsibilities and missions. Practitioners have become more steadfast in their effort to validate the Fa and save sentient beings. They know better what to do and how to do it.