(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Gao Rongrong's life is in danger. Her face was severely disfigured by electric baton torture in Shenyang City's Longshan Forced Labor Camp in May. She began to urinate blood and has not been able to take food or water on August 9, 2004. After over three months of painful suffering, she has been tortured to the point of being so emaciated that is only skin and bones with wounds all over her body. Her eye sockets are depressed, and her eyelids can not close. She has been hard to recognize, a two different person from the photo published on Clearwisdom Net in July.

Doctors from No. 1 Hospital affiliated with the China Medical University in Shenyang City expressed that her life is in danger, and has repeatedly issued Terminally Ill Notices, but Shenyang City's Judicial Bureau, the superior of Longshan Forced Labor Camp, refused to release her, and claimed that "If there is any danger, let the hospital treat her. Don't allow her to go home even if she dies."

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Gao Rongrong, an accountant at the Luxun Fine Arts College in Shenyang City

On May 7, 2004, Gao Rongrong's face is covered with burns from electric baton shocks. The picture was taken ten days after the torture.

On August 15, 2004, Head of Longshan Forced Labor Camp Li Fengshi instructed his subordinate who monitored Gao Rongrong everyday by saying, "If death occurs, immediately notify the Longshan Forced Labor Camp, and immediately request for a 'Death Certificate' from the hospital."

We hope organizations home and abroad and kind-hearted people to extend helping hand to stop the torture and murder committed by Shenyang City's Longshan Forced Labor Camp and the city's judicial bureau.

Related phone numbers:

Shenyang City Judicial Bureau
Address: North Heping Street, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, Zip code: 110014

Zhang Xiansheng: deputy head of the Judicial Bureau (male, in his 40s, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong)

Liu Bo: Forced Labor division head, 86-13804006266(Cell), 86-24-22855027(Office)
Ji: division head, 86-24-22855027(Office)

Secretarial Section: 86-24-22824660
Organization Section: 86-24-22855034
Propaganda Section: 86-24-22700704

Shenyang City's Longshan Forced Labor Camp
Address: Lizigou Village #97, Zhujia Town, Dongling District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, Zip code: 110173 Main switchboard: 86-24-24760033

Li Fengshi: head of labor camp in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, in his 40s, lives near South Shima Road Market in the Heping District (Fawanghuihui perpetrator's ID number 11930)

Brigade Two: 86-24-24761745, 24761735, 24760033 ext. 8222

Wang Jinghui: head of Brigade Two, female, in her 40s, lives in the Pangjiang area in the Dadong District. She frequently directs the persecution from behind-the-scenes. (Fawanghuihui perpetrator's ID number 24996)
Tang Yubao: deputy head of Brigade Two, male, 46; police ID number 2116065; lives in the Xinggong Street Judicial Bureau Dormitory in the Tiexi District. (Fawanghuihui perpetrator's ID number 12697)

Team leaders of Brigade Two: Jiang Zhaohua, Wang Jichang, Wang Chunmei and others

Brigade One: 86-24-24760624, 86-24-24760033 ext. 8212, 86-24-24760033 ext. 8213
Yue Jun: head of Brigade One, male, 33 years of age; lives in No. 329 Building Taiyuan South Street in Heping District
Yang Min: deputy head of Brigade One; female, in her 30s, lives in the Tiexi District

Heads of Administration Section: Wei Mintang, Jiang Yubo, Wang Xuetao, 86-24-24761735
Zhang Xiaoqiu: head of the Life and Hygiene Division
Li Wuyi: labor camp doctor

No. 1 Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University:
Address: No. 155 North Nanjing Street, Heping District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, Zip code: 110001
Main switchboard: 86-24-23269368 (Division Two, Orthopedics Department ext. 6232)