(Clearwisdom.net) One day, I went to a hospital on business and happened to meet an acquaintance of mine, who was strolling down the hospital hallway. As I approached him and had a closer look, I saw that his whole body was blackened, as if burned, and part of his skin was peeling off in layers. Also, he couldn't use his hands to touch his body. I asked with concern, what had happened. He replied, "I was burned by gasoline."

I then asked him the details of how he had been burned. He said, "I was using gasoline to clean parts when I was repairing a machine at work. When I finished cleaning, a colleague started an open flame that caused the burn."

I asked, "How could the open flame burn you?"

"Because of the gasoline vapor," he replied.

"How long ago did this happen?"

"It was ten days ago."

"How long did it last?"

"It only took two or three seconds," he said. I saw his burns were very serious. Some of the burned areas had new skin where the burned skin had peeled off. The burn spots on his hands looked as if he was wearing gloves. His back was burned very badly. The burned areas were covered with medicine, and scabs covered a large area. There was blood between the scabs.

I asked a staff person in the hospital ward, "What would happen if a burn victim is wrapped in bandages?"

"You can't treat burn patients that way. The burned areas will discharge puss if covered up. You can only apply medicine on the burned parts and let them dry out."

I asked another question, "That's strange, didn't you see the TV report about the people who were said to be Falun Gong practitioners who went to Tiananmen Square and set themselves on fire? How come they showed the victims burns wrapped in bandages?"

All of the staff in the room said emphatically, "It was all fabricated!" After learning more about the medical treatment of burns after talking to my acquaintance, I realized that it is highly improper to cover burned skin with bandages.

My acquaintance also told me, "When I was burned, I experienced extreme pain. I knelt down on the floor and couldn't stand up. After arriving at the hospital, I was given an injection to relieve the pain. It's hard to believe that the alleged victim of the Tiananmen Square immolation, Wang Jiangtong, who was supposed to have been terribly burned, could just sit there calmly and shout out a prepared speech."