(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Zhu Shiying. I live in Xisanjia Village, Qidaoquan Town, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. I urgently appeal to people from all walks of life to help my daughter-in-law Xie Baofeng.

Since her arrest on April 3, 2004, my daughter-in-law has been held at the Shijiahetao Detention Center. Recently I heard that she was in critical condition after being tortured. The organizations responsible for the persecution of my daughter-in-law include the Chaoyang City Police Department, the "610 Office"(1) and the National Security Department.

Baofeng, who had been on a hunger strike for many days, was sent to the Lingyuan City Labor Re-education Hospital along with another practitioner named Jiang Wei. Without notifying their families, the personnel there performed some medical procedures on these two practitioners. After the medical procedures, they sent the two practitioners back to the detention center for continued force-feeding and imprisonment.

The two practitioners are still on hunger strike. I very much worry about the state of my daughter-in-law's life, but they strictly blocked any information about her, not allowing me to visit her in spite of my repeated requests. They sent the two practitioners to Lingyuan City to avoid having their crimes exposed. I felt so sad that I could not stop myself from crying. As someone who is nearly 70, I begged them, explaining that it was so difficult for me to come from so far away, but they were still not moved. Having nowhere to appeal, I went to the Longcheng Police Department on June 7, asking for my daughter-in-law. Huang Dianxiang, who was personally involved in the arrest of Baofeng, said, "We did not arrest her. Maybe she was arrested by another police station." Just like that he turned me away. Since I had no other option, I went to the Shijiahetao Detention Center again. They said, "You have to pay to see your daughter-in-law." I said, "I have only 20 Yuan." They scoffed at me, "This 20 Yuan is not even enough for transportation. Even a restaurant visit costs over 300 Yuan, and we spent 5,000 Yuan to have the hospital do a gastroscopy for your daughter-in-law. You have to pay for that." They demanded money whenever they opened their mouths. They were asking me to pay for the persecution they forced upon my daughter-in-law. Again I was turned away.

These two practitioners' cases have recently been transferred to the Shuangta Police Department. It was said that they would be sentenced to prison terms. I am very worried about my daughter-in-law's health, as the authorities seem only concerned with their own personal gain and have no interest in her welfare. These two practitioners have been imprisoned for over two months. Each day I have been waiting to be able to see her again.

Since 1999, my daughter-in-law Xie Baofeng has been arrested several times. The police often came to our home to harass her, turning our lives upside down. During the first time she was imprisoned at Shijiahetao, the police beat her and verbally abused her. After 40 to 50 days, she was sent to the Xidayingzi Brainwashing Class for over a month. Later she was sentenced to two years of forced labor at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. The conditions were even harsher. Baofeng suffered all kinds of torture, was not given enough food, and she was forced to perform intense labor for over ten hours each day. She was held there for two years.

At home, all of the chores, including farm work, fell on my shoulders. Everyday I was so tired. In September 2001, my daughter-in-law was finally released. But before long, in November 2001, the 16th National Party Congress was convened, and they started to look for Baofeng, for purposes of trying to force her to sign the "guarantee statements."(2) We had no other choice but to encourage her to leave home. My son said, "Leave quickly! They'll arrest people again. If you are arrested, you'll suffer again."

Not long after Baofeng had left home, village Party secretary Li Shuxue led a group of police to come to arrest her. That is why Baofeng could no longer come home. I assumed the burden of the family chores again. I was so worried about her--Baofeng is like my own daughter! She was so filial and good to the family. Without her, I lost the person that I had depended on.

Now I don't know what my daughter-in-law's condition is, considering all the persecution she has gone through. I strongly urge those people to immediately release Xie Baofeng. I ask the International Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong to investigate the people who participated in the persecution of my daughter-in-law. When the right time comes, I'll definitely bring them to court. At the same time, I ask everyone to help her in any way possible.

Xie Baofeng's mother-in-law, Zhu Shiying


(1) The "610 Office" is an agency specifically established to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

(2) Guarantee Statement: Guarantees not to practice cultivate Falun Gong anymore, expressing regret at having practiced at all, and promises not to associate with other practitioners and not to go to Beijing to appeal for Dafa.

June 12, 2004