(Clearwisdom.net) One evening in the middle of June 2000, all the police from the Xinyu Town Government and Police Station, the 110 Office (1), police from the Beiliu City Police Department under the direction of police officers from Section No. 1 (Huang Yuanxin, Liang Wenzhao, He Qihua and Lu Yugao), went out to arrest more than 60 Falun Gong practitioners. The practitioners were brought to a basketball court in Xinyu Town. The police tied the hands of each practitioner behind their backs and grouped them together in chains. One practitioner had a less than one-year-old baby with her and there was a pregnant woman as well (in addition to practitioners from Xinyu Town, there were practitioners from Yulin City, Bobai County and Luchuan County). The police then took all the practitioners to an open space in the courtyard of the Beiliu City Police Department, and hung them each from a pole or basketball frame with their hands still bound behind their backs. The rope used was about an inch thick and cut deeply into practitioners' flesh. Some practitioners' hands became swollen instantly, some felt excruciating pain and lost control of their bladder; two even lost consciousness. It took more than a month for some practitioners to regain feeling in their hands. However, the practitioners continued to recite Master's teachings. In response, policeman Liang Wenzhao took off his heavy leather boots to beat the practitioners viciously on the head, face and back. The police didn't loosen the ropes until late evening, fearful that they would have to take responsibility if the practitioners who had fainted died.

The next morning, the police tied several of the practitioners to a pole again until 4 p.m. that afternoon. Practitioners from other counties were taken away by their local authorities except for those from Beiliu City. Some of the Beiliu City practitioners were sent to prisons and some were sent to detention centers. Fifteen days later, the Xinyu practitioners were transferred to a brainwashing class in the No. 2 Middle School of Xinyu Town. The police even kidnapped several more practitioners from their homes and brought them to the brainwashing class. In order to further torment the practitioners, each practitioner was given only 100 grams of porridge and two dried carrots every day, but they were charged eight yuan for the meal. There was a family of practitioners in the class, and because no one was left at home to take care of the less than one-year-old baby, they had to bring her to the class as well. The baby was very hungry and cried a lot, but all they had to feed her was stale leftover porridge. Nevertheless, the starving and weak practitioners were forced to carry manure, barefoot in the field, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., when the temperature was as high as 106 0F. Once, around noon, the malicious police demanded that the practitioners run on the field first before eating lunch. Practitioners had been working, tired and hungry, for half a day before the run.

The police then brought big rocks to the field using a tractor. At the hottest time of day, between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m., the police forced practitioners to move the rocks back and forth across the field. They also forced practitioners to do military drills and jump up and down on the stairs. When it was raining, they pushed practitioners outside. The police constantly tortured practitioners in this manner. Meanwhile, it was the summer planting and harvesting season. The rice in many practitioners' fields was ready to be harvested, but they could not go home to harvest it. Instead, the police brought in the family members of the practitioners to berate them.

Party Secretary Lu Rongjian of He Village in Xinyu Town never learned Falun Gong. But he lied on a TV show and said that he had practiced Falun Gong for three years. As a reward for telling lies, he received a 50 yuan (2) bonus.

On one occasion a practitioner went to the Xinyu Town Government, urging people to be good, but was arrested and sentenced to one year of forced labor. After her release, town officials went to her place to harass her on every "sensitive" date (3). On one occasion, several people from the police station, the town government and the Political and Judiciary Committee of the police department dragged her from her home to a brainwashing class by force. Her family member refused to let her go to the class and wanted to reason with the police, but this lead to a fight at the scene. Later, the police changed the story completely and claimed that the practitioner had fought with her husband.

All the cases of persecution mentioned above were directed by officers from the No.1 Section of the Beiliu City Police Department: Huang Yuanxin, Liang Wenzhao, Qiu Ruiqing (female), He Qihua and Lu Yugao.


(1) The 110 Office is an emergency response unit, similar to 911 in the United States.

(2) Yuan is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.

(3) "Sensitive" dates are days around national holidays and Party meetings.