(Clearwisdom.net) I was forced to leave home and go from place to place to avoid persecution, but the police followed me. They managed to arrest me right on the eve of the Chinese New Year.

They sent me to a place where a dozen policemen were waiting. They all pretended to care for me. However, in my mind I thought, "You arrested me unlawfully. I must not do as you wish." Having made up my mind, I did not say a single word. In the meantime, I tried to suppress their bad thoughts using my own righteous thoughts. All of them were quietly standing in the room until the head policeman finally broke the silence, "I guess she doesn't want to talk. Let's just give her a break." Then they took me to another room where they prepared apples, bananas, oranges, grapes and other fruits all over the table. Once again I could see their hypocrisy and their true intent to persecute me. As soon as I sat down, a police officer asked me to call my children and so on. However, my faith in Dafa was unshakable. Then they said, "This old lady's case is very important. Jiang Zemin ordered, 'we don't care about murder or arson, we only arrest Falun Gong.' Whoever punishes Falun Gong lightly or opens any backdoor for them will be fired. This old woman is one of the ten most important leaders." Nevertheless, I did not pay attention to their threats. What I was thinking about was that as a practitioner, I was not supposed to be locked up here. I must leave right away.

It was 4 p.m. when I put on my coat and walked away. There were four people guarding the gates, but none of them saw me. I walked all the way to the main gate when a car was coming right towards me. Since my mind was uneasy, the guard at the door quickly found me and took me back. After I was sent back to the room, I realized that I was not supposed to have an unstable mind at the critical time. Master Li taught us many times that cultivation is a serious matter. Yet I didn't understand well the historical mission each Dafa practitioner carries. "How could a practitioner be locked up by the evil? Dafa disciples have important missions and they must have the ability to carry them out," I thought.

On the same evening, the leader from my workplace came. She said that from now on she would live together with me. As I understood, the real reason she came here was to watch and monitor me. She also told me that a "transformation class" (1) would be held in a couple of days. I determined that I must get out of this den of evil. It was the Chinese New Year's Eve and the head of our factory was monitoring me. There were still four doormen guarding the doors. While I was clarifying the truth to them, I was also strengthening my righteous thoughts. "I must leave here! I must leave right after dinner and I must return home with Master Li's help!" A dozen people were still having dinner across the hallway. While silently saying the word "Ding" (2), I walked out of the room. I do not know how I managed to cross over the wall that was over two meters high with broken glass at the top. All I remember is that I landed on the ground with my right leg kneeling down and my hands bleeding. Once I reached the main road, I was able to get my bearings, so I took a taxi and left. With Master's help and with my righteous thoughts, I managed to once again immerse myself in the mighty torrent of Fa rectification.

Today while I'm doing the three things that every Dafa disciple is supposed to do, I am further strengthening my righteous thoughts. I have enlightened to the fact that evil will not be able to arrest us or imprison us, provided we have sufficient pure righteous thoughts.

As Dafa disciples, we have the mission to validate the Fa, to clarify the truth and to save the sentient beings. The evil does not have any right to imprison us. We must not let people misled by the propaganda to torture or even murder us. We must eliminate the evil in other dimensions that is behind the persecution using our righteous thoughts.

(1) A series of brainwashing sessions attempted to force Falun Dafa practitioners to denounce their belief in Falun Dafa.

(2) The Chinese word for "Freeze," using one's mind to prevent people from physically moving.