Teacher talked about "Buddha's infinite grace" when teaching the Fa:

"...What does "Buddha's infinite grace" mean? Think about it, when a person is being saved, how much will the Buddha who saves him have to give? For all those beings in the infinite microcosms who correspond to the person, he has to--just like what's done during your cultivation process--adjust their bodies well at the beginning, allow them to obtain the Fa, make them able to handle it, and deal with their karma. What a huge, involved task that is! Could that possibly be achieved without compassion? So how could everyday people understand the phrase "Buddha's infinite grace"? Think about it, when one person succeeds in cultivation it means that a gigantic, immense system is successfully cultivated. I said earlier, and it sounded like I was kidding, that if only one person succeeded in cultivation, then I would have that person become the cosmos. No matter how big his cosmic body was, I would have all the structures of the cosmos exist within the scope of his body."(Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference).

I realized that during the Fa-rectification period, at a time when the immeasurable and boundless firmament, and even the entire cosmos itself, are facing calamity, a true Dafa practitioner will never compromise with the evil. Even less so would he or she be brainwashed or turn into his opposite to assist the evil in destroying the Fa. The requirement for every Dafa practitioner is to be firm and steadfast in the Fa. This standard must be met. If a practitioner has respect for Teacher and the Fa, they will never give in under any pressure.

What Dafa practitioners are doing is eliminating the evil and saving sentient beings. There are differences in the forms we use to harmonize the Fa, but no matter what a practitioner is doing -- whether distributing flyers, producing truth-clarification materials, transporting materials to other practitioners, or broadcasting the truth about Falun Dafa by wired or wireless methods -- the standard for all Dafa practitioners' steadfastness in the Fa is the same. But many practitioners have not treated themselves as Fa-rectification practitioners with regard to many issues, creating large differences between Dafa practitioners. Our great and merciful Teacher has taken upon himself and destroyed all our essential tribulations. Dafa practitioners are only left with superficial hardships. However, practitioners fully possess the character of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." When facing the cosmos' calamity and the salvation of all sentient beings, true Dafa practitioners should treat these issues with the standard of a great enlightened being at higher levels, since the Buddha Law is infinite, and every positive being should respect Teacher and the Fa. Dafa practitioners fully possess the character of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." So it is absolutely impossible to give in to the evil, not to mention to become brainwashed.

What happens during the Fa-rectification period will serve as a reference and model for the future cosmos. So any kind of brainwashing should not happen to a Dafa practitioner. As for the so-called phenomena of brainwashing, it should be thoroughly solved during the Fa-rectification process.

The Fa has different requirements for cultivators at different levels, but the differences in one's xinxing (1) level never makes brainwashing or compromising with the evil something that is acceptable. My personal understanding is that it refers to differences in our ability to save sentient beings, to root out the evil, and to be responsible to all positive elements in the cosmos. This is the most basic and fundamental requirement for Dafa practitioners in the Fa-rectification period. Although some fellow practitioners made mistakes on some issues, their steadfastness in the Fa must ultimately reach the standard. Sometimes I hear practitioners say that someone's endurance or xinxing is limited or that he undertook too much, so he was brainwashed against his will, as if it were an inevitable occurrence.

My personal understanding is that this is an evil doctrine for a Dafa practitioner during the Fa-rectification. To speak seriously, the elements underlying this mentality are just evil elements, which destroy the practitioners' belief in the Fa. These elements should be eliminated. Actually, in the view of steadfast fellow practitioners, a true Dafa practitioner's brainwashing is hardly believable.

For a Dafa practitioner, no element or any existing life can shake his steadfastness in Dafa. Fellow practitioners can harmonize and reinforce each other. We must maintain the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," and harmonize the Fa together in the Fa-rectification period.

(1) xinxing: Mind or heart nature; moral character.