(Clearwisdom.net) Police officers at the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp have tortured Dafa practitioners ruthlessly. The following are a few selected accounts:

1. Ms. Dong Li was sentenced to three years in forced labor camp for her steadfast belief in Dafa.

She was sent to the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp in July 2002. On November 5, 2002, she was forced to sit on a small stool. Since she was steadfast in her belief in Dafa, police officers Li Xiujin and Sun Liming handcuffed her in a method called Da-Bei-Kao (one hand is pulled over the shoulder to the back, the other hand is twisted to the back from the waist, then both hands are pulled forcefully together and handcuffed). The Da-Bei-Kao torture almost made her faint. Then she was forced to sign a "Guarantee letter to renounce Falun Gong" with her hands being manipulated by police officers. Since that signature was written against her will, she declared it null and void.

Police officers tortured her again with the Da-Bei-Kao method and she fainted. Because of these tortures her health deteriorated quite rapidly. Now, she is suffering from heart problems and asthma. Even walking has become difficult for her. Because she told others about having tendered a letter that invalidated the "reform," she was handcuffed to a bed by police officers Lin Wei, Zhang Xiaodan, Wang Yadong etc. This worsened her heart problems, and her hands and feet were often found to be ice-cold. In February 2003, the camp once again tortured Falun Gong practitioners to try to force them to renounce their belief. Dong Li was tortured again with the Da-Bei-Kao method, and she fainted immediately. She became very weak from the torture, and thus was unable to work. Police officer Liu Yadong kicked her and made her fall against a wall. At another time, Liu Yadong tortured her, which caused her to tremble and her mind became disoriented. It is difficult for her to walk now, because her legs are partially paralyzed. However, police officers continue to beat and curse her.

2. Ms. Zheng Yingchun was detained at the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp in 2002. On November 12, 2002, the camp conspired to "reform" Dafa practitioners through torture. Zheng was forced to sit daily for 18 hours on a stool. Since she refused to read articles that slandered Dafa, 5 police officers including Chen Jin beat her cruelly. She was knocked to the ground and her legs were injured. On December 26, 2002, police officers Liu Yadong, Zhang Xiaodan, Lin Wei beat her again ruthlessly and handcuffed her to a bed. The next day, she was tortured by the Da-Bei-Kao method. Liu Yadong stepped on her head and said while pulling her hair: "I am hurting you for fun!" After the handcuffs were removed, her wrists were infected for four days.

On April 23, 2003, Liu Yadong, Zhang Xiaodan and Li Xiujin tortured her again with the Da-bei-Kao method and hit her head against a radiator, leaving bleeding wounds on her head. On July 26, Li Xiujin tortured her again with the Da-Bei-Kao method, which made the left side of her chest hurt for over one month. She is still unable to use her left arm and hand, thus she is unable to take care of herself. The camp has extended her term twice.

3. Ms. Chen Ping lives at Shuangyashan City. She was detained at the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp in April 2003 and tortured by the Da-bei-Kao method in an attempt to reform her. In July, since she refused to write articles to defame Dafa, police officers tortured her by the Da-bei-Kao method for over one hour. She refused to write the so-called "Five Guarantees" (slandering or denouncing Falun Gong), police officers took away any visits from her family.

On April 2, Ms. Xu Xianghua was forced to sit on a brick floor and not allowed to use the bathroom for a whole day. During that same time she was tortured Da-Bei-Kao style. Later Xu wrote on her "homework" that Dafa is good. As punishment, police officers beat her up, handcuffed her in Da-Bei-Kao style to the edge of a steel bed and forced her to sit on the brick floor. Xu Xianghua was highly agitated after the torture and did not eat supper. When instructor Yu talked to her, she could not respond. Therefore, police officers beat her up until she lost consciousness. Then, police officers kicked her and accused her of faking losing consciousness.

4. Dafa Practitioner Liu Yaokun Is Tortured at the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp

Ms. Liu Yaokun is 43 years old and a resident of the Dongshan District, Hegang City. One day in 2002, she was working at home with her daughter. Three police officers from the Dongshan district public security bureau branch came to her home to search for Dafa books. Her daughter said that there were none. Police officers arrested her daughter and sent her to the Harbin Drug Addiction Center.

In December 2002, Liu stayed at her mother's place for a few days but was abducted by police officers from the Sanjin Township. The only question police officers asked was whether she was

from Hegang City, and then sent her to the Suihua Detention Center. When the police officers from the Hegang Public Security Bureau came to escort her back, they beat Liu as soon as they saw her and sentenced her to three years of forced labor at Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp.

In October 2003, in the workshop of the camp, police officer Mu Zhenjuan forced criminals to curse Falun Gong practitioners. Mu told them: "You curse at whoever recites Falun Gong articles. Make sure you tell me about it and I will punish her." The person on duty reported to police officer that Liu Yaokun was moving her lips. So Mu Zhenjuan kicked Liu. Several days later in the dining room, Mu pricked Liu with two-inch long steel needles.

One morning, in late October 2003, Liu hunkered down while doing a formation drill. Mu Zhenjuan, the Brigade leader Chen, and Li Yongbo threw her to the ground and dragged her to the second floor. Four police officers including Gao Jie beat her until she fainted, and then handcuffed her in Da-Bei-Kao style for over 40 minutes. At the breakfast time, Liu was trembling all over and could not eat. So police officers simply handcuffed her again and made her sit on the ground. On the next day she had problems with her legs, but the camp employees did not care. The handcuffs were not removed until four days later.

On November 23, 2003, police officers did not allow her to enter the room. Liu was freezing while lying on the ground. Within half an hour, her feet were suffering from frostbite. When officers from the provincial level came for a visit, Liu reported to them the tortures she suffered. The officers said, "You can appeal." The brigade leader He said, "I have disciplined some police officers." Although Liu's legs were in tremendous pain, the police officers did not stop the torture. They continued to beat and curse at Liu. One day in the dining hall, since Liu had leg problems and walked slowly, police officer Guo slapped her face. Liu asked why Guo beat her. Guo told her: "You shut up!" He slapped her two more times, pricked her with needles, and extended her term for an additional 15 days. Police head Wang also slapped on her face twice and kicked her twice, and prevented her from eating her meal.

On December 23, 2003, several officers came to the workshop for a visit. Liu reported to them the tortures she suffered. After those officers left, the police instructor, brigade leader He, and group leader Zhou beat her up together. They kicked her, slapped her face, and knocked her down to the ground. Then they pulled her up and beat her again until they were exhausted. Zhang Xiaodan said, "It's too good for her if we prick her only with small needles, let's use larger needles." They continued to beat her until she collapsed. They wanted to assure that she would no longer dare to report them. The police then asked criminals to drag her to the third floor and handcuff her. The group leader kicked her face until his shoes broke from the kicking.

She was also handcuffed for 18 days and had to suffer extreme cold. It was difficult to stand for her and she passed blood in her stool. Brigade leader He and group leader Guo forced her to acknowledge "faults", saying that if she appeals again, they would beat her again.

Related phone numbers at the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp:

Director's Office: 86-454-8891958

Communist Party Secretary, Fu Maosen: 86-454-8891890

Deputy Director,

Guan Dejun: 86-454-8891948

Yao Debin: 86-454-8891931

Sun Dehong: 86-454-8891932

Xu Lifeng: 86-454-8891933

Disciplinary Inspection Committee: 86-454-8891934

Political Section: 86-454-8891935

Management Section: 86-454-8891940

Office: 86-454-8891938

Financial Section: 86-454-8891937

Clinic: 86-454-8891943 (most of the forced feeding are done by them)

Women's Brigade Office: 86-454-8891638

The Second Brigade: 86-454-8891924

The Third Brigade: 86-454-8891926

Inspection Office of the Procurator at the Forced Labor Camp: 86-454-8891953

He Qiang: 86-13945455333 (Mobile)